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Supersize my grid

This is the text of information sent by email to customers of Good Energy in January 2009.

An exciting and ambitious proposal could finally bring an end to worries over the reliability of renewable generation - subject as it is to the irrepressible will of Mother Nature. The idea is to create a supergrid which would transport electricity harnessed from renewable sources across many different countries - and continents. So, for example, if the rain stopped falling here in the UK we could plug into hydroelectricity direct from Norway.

The major strength of the proposal, however, is to be found in the vast potential offered by solar power. Research conducted by Desertec, the group campaigning for investment into Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the Sahara, indicates that less than 1% of the world's deserts could use the intense sunlight they receive year-round to generate as much electricity as is currently used worldwide.

Although at the early stages of conception, the proposal could dramatically change the face of the world's energy industry because it opens up the possibility for the whole world's electricity to be generated solely from renewable sources.

A more detailed article on supergrids and CSP can be found on our blog, Green Energy Republic at

For more on Desertec and its campaigns and initiatives visit

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