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Summary of comments in le monde, 2007-11-17

Olivier Daniélo

CSP is very little known in France. The comments posted on the site in response to the article The Sahara as a generator of electricity? constitutes a small interesting database on this topic.

Several people confuse photovoltaics with CSP, two completely different technologies (the article explained the principle of CSP very well: simply mirrors, not an ounce of photovoltaic panels).

Others are unaware that CSP can generate electricity around the clock through the storage of heat and / or through a booster natural gas (This heat storage was used in Solar II and also, for example, in the Andasol CSP plant in Spain).

Another person thinks North Africa will disappear under a mountain of sand.

But generally a large majority of enthusiastic and positive responses. And it is interesting that many commentators are questioning the relevance of nuclear projects in North Africa (Libya, Morocco) given the solar potential of these countries.

The intervention that is, in my opinion, the most relevant is that of BMaliasMAX:

"The development of the electrical interconnection between Europe and the Mediterranean, and all around the Mediterranean (see project already underway Mediterranean Ring) will be an excellent contribution to peace and economic development between different sides of the Mediterranean."

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