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See also Endorsements and Speeches by politicians.

  • In a public lecture at Delft University of Technology on 26 September 2011, Dr. Jan Terlouw, former Minister of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, gave a presentation before an international group of students. The lecture relates to CSP, the Desertec consortium, and the importance thereof for the Netherlands, Europe and MENA (starting 9 minutes into the lecture, and also at 15 and 20 minutes). Thanks to Hans Bienfait for organising the lecture.
  • Let the sunshine in (PDF, Credit Suisse Salon Members' Letter, 4, 2010, pp 60-61). This is an article about Desertec by Giselle Weiss, based on an interview with Gerry Wolff.
  • Clean power from deserts and adaptation to climate change (PDF, 311 KB, Our Planet, 2011-01-26). An article by Gerry Wolff, an updated version of The potential of power from deserts (SGR Newsletter, Summer 2007, Issue 34), with a section on how clean power from deserts can aid adaptation to climate change and more information about costs. Many thanks to Sir Brian Heap for the invitation to prepare this article.
  • Gerry Wolff gave the keynote closing address on The Desertec concept: clean power from deserts at the Renewables 2010 conference (Marketforce and Institute of Economic Affairs), 7-8 July 2010, The Bloomsbury Hotel, London.
  • Time to shine by Nick Pryke (PDF, 866 KB), Power & Energy Africa, April 2010, pp 30-34.
  • Can the Sahara light up Europe? (Green Futures, 2010-04-27). See also Can the Sahara light up Europe with solar power? (The Guardian, 2010-04-27). Contains quotes from Gerry Wolff.
  • Teachers TV has made a good film about solar power, with the main emphasis on CSP. Desertec (and the Desertec Foundation and the Desertec Industrial Initiative) is featured in the latter part of the film. There are clips from an interview with Gerry Wolff at intervals throughout the film. A low-resolution version of the film can be viewed here.
  • LEADING POLITICIANS BACK "CLEAN POWER FROM DESERTS". Dr Howard Stoate MP, with Desertec-UK, organised a seminar about the Desertec concept on 2010-02-02, between 16:00 and 18:00, in the Grand Committee Room in the Palace of Westminster, London. At the meeting, the following leading politicians spoke in support of the Desertec concept:

The meeting was chaired by Dr Howard Stoate MP and the main seminar was given by Dr Gerhard Knies, Head of the Desertec Foundation.

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