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Companies or associations involved with CSP and related technologies are listed here. Those with a UK presence are marked 'UK'.

Companies that were selected for inclusion in the Global Cleantech 100 feature for the Guardian newspaper (2009-09-09) are marked 'GCT100'.

See also List of concentrating solar thermal power companies (Wikipedia).

Consortia and government initiatives


The companies listed below are those focussing mainly on CSP. However, PV has become much cheaper in recent years and is likely to become increasingly important in Desertec projects. Likewise, wind power is likely to be important in Desertec projects. No attempt has been made here to list companies involved with PV or wind power but these may easily be found via searches on the web.


The notes for the following companies focus on their CSP activities, although many of them offer other products and services as well. Here, "CSP" is an umbrella terms for CSTP and CPV. There are several other companies, not listed, that are showing an interest in CSP, but have not yet developed significant activities or expertise in that area.

  • Abengoa SA (Owns new PS10 power tower in Spain.)
  • Acciona Energia (Built Nevada Solar One.)
  • Acquasol (This Australian company combines CSP with desalination of sea water.)
  • Airlight Energy (Four main innovations are at the root of the Airlight Energy CSP system: pnuematic mirrors, concrete frame structure, the air receiver and a pebble stones storage system.)
  • Amonix (CPV systems with two-axis tracking).
  • Aora (Israeli company specialising in power towers and direct heating of air).
  • Archimede Solar Energy (Produces receiver tubes for parabolic trough solar collectors).
  • UK Arxiel Ventures with partners in London (Venture capital and project development for CSP.)
  • Ausra Inc. (Californian developer of CSP backed by Vinod Khosla. They are developing the Fresnel mirror system designed by Professor David Mills, including storage of solar thermal energy.)
  • GCT100 Bright Source Energy (Formerly Luz Inc., pioneer of CSP plants in California in the mid 1980s. Designs and builds large scale solar power plants for customers worldwide)
  • Capital Sun Group (Offers parabolic trough solar concentrators that can provide thermal energy for water heating, absorption cooling, space heating, steam generation, process heating, and electrical power. Mirrors may be mounted on roofs of buildings to help keep them cool.)
  • UK Circadian Solar (Specialising in CPV).
  • GCT100 Concentrix Solar (Specialising in CPV).
  • CoolEarth Solar (Using balloon reflectors as cheap alternative to rigid reflectors.)
  • Enel (An Italian company whose interests include CSP)
  • Ener-t Global (Designs, installs and operates CSP plants)
  • EPURON (Formerly voltwerk AG. Developing CSP projects in Spain, Australia, the USA and the Middle East and North Africa.)
  • eSolar (Scaleable, modular, power-tower CSP, using small mirrors)
  • Fichtner Solar GmbH (A leading independent consulting engineering company involved in a large number of solar thermal power plant projects worldwide)
  • Flabeg (Makes precision mirrors for CSP plants)
  • Flagsol (Has designed the AndaSol plants for Southern Spain, that include 510,120 m² of parabolic trough solar collectors and 7.5 hours of molten salt storage)
  • FPL Energy (Co-owner and operator of seven solar power plants in California's Mojave Desert)
  • Giuseppe Farina (Parabolic dish systems)
  • Global Warming Solutions (Has developed a "light electric and thermal generator" that increases efficiency of PV by using a larger part of the solar spectrum)
  • Green & Gold Energy (Produces SunCube sun-tracking concentrator, using Fresnel lenses and PV.)
  • GCT100 GreenVolts (Utility-scale CPV. Modules are designed to be installed on distribution grids (minimising transmission costs) and without the need for fixing to the ground.)
  • UK HelioDynamics HQ is in Cambridge, UK (HD Solar. Develops and manufactures CSP equipment with an emphasis on solar air conditioning, solar cooling and Fresnel mirror systems designed to be incorporated in the roofs of buildings.)
  • HelioFocus (CSP using large parabolic dish and feeding hot air into turbine).
  • Hiro Energy Tech Limited (Parabolic trough, parabolic dish, and power tower systems).
  • HuiYin-Group (Solar power including large-scale parabolic trough and Fresnel mirror collectors)
  • Industrial Solar Technology Corp. (Producer of large-scale parabolic trough concentrator systems used for water heating, space heating air conditioning, steam generation, seawater desalination and electricity production.)
  • GCT100 Infinia Corporation (Designs and makes dish-engine systems.)
  • International Automated Systems (Uses thin-film Fresnel lenses to concentrate sunlight.)
  • ISFOC (Specialises in CPV).
  • Isofoton (Products include CPV).
  • Kraftenlagen Munchen (An engineering company with an interest in CSP)
  • Kernenergien (Develops large-scale CSP plants.)
  • Lauren Engineers & Constructors (Contractor for Nevada Solar One.)
  • Lotus Solar Technologies Ltd (Egypt). Amongst other things, this company is using solar-generated steam for industrial processes.
  • MAN Ferrostaal (Engineering company with an interest in CSP.)
  • MENA Cleantech (see interview with Samer Zureikat on Etopia News).
  • Menova Energy Inc. (Power-Spar® small-scale parabolic trough solar concentrator system for PV, heat or lighting.)
  • UK Microsharp Corporation Limited (Makes refractive (Fresnel) and reflective films for use in CSP and CPV applications.)
  • Mubadala Development Company (a wholly owned investment vehicle of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates which invests in a variety of projects, including CSP. See also the Masdar initiative.)
  • M+W Zander GmbH (General contractor for CSP power plants with Fresnel collectors).
  • UK Naanovo Energy (Specialises in low-temperature parabolic trough CSP systems. The use of polypropylene helps to bring down costs.)
  • Newpower India (This is an India/USA company specialising in a range of CSP technologies)
  • Nokraschy Engineering (Activities include research and consultancy on CSP)
  • Novatec Solar (German supplier of Fresnel mirror CSP plants)
  • UK Nur Energie (A solar development company with headquarters in London, focusing in the Mediterranean region, using mainly concentrating technologies (CSP and CPV) along with conventional PV)
  • Open Energy Corporation (Holds exclusive, worldwide license to SunCone™ CSP using non-imaging optical cones made of reflective composites to concentrate sunlight.)
  • PSE AG (Produces linear concentrating Fresnel collectors for the production of industrial process heat of up to 200°C or to power absorption chillers for solar cooling)
  • Pyron Solar Inc. (PV with small-scale concentration of sunlight)
  • Renovalia Energy (Supplies a variety of renewable energy technologies, including CSP).
  • Schlaich Bergermann und Partner (Structural consulting engineers with interests in solar power plants.)
  • UK Schott Solar Thermal / Schott UK (Makes parabolic trough mirrors and was involved in pioneering CSP plants in California in the mid 1980s. Schott has recently completed a new factory in Spain to make CSP solar collectors and another is being built in New Mexico, USA.)
  • Senior Berghöfer (Supplies parts for newly established for CSP plants)
  • Solar XXI (A consortium committed to produce and market an innovative parabolic trough solar collector based on the research activities carried out in the framework of the Italian Solar Thermodynamic R&D programme.)
  • SkyFuel Inc (Delivers turn-key, large-scale CSP plants (parabolic trough or linear Fresnel ) for power generation, desalination, waste water treatment, and other industrial applications. Solar plants can be integrated into existing facilities and can use heat storage.)
  • UK Silicon CPV (Concentrating PV)
  • Solar Euromed (Parabolic trough collectors in the Alps)
  • Solar & Environmental Technologies Corporation (SETC is a fully US-invested company in China specializing in the research and commercial application of solar thermal technology. SETC owns the business, intellectual property and patents of CENICOM, a unique solar thermal energy system with the true storage.).
  • SolarReserve (New company to develop power tower technology)
  • Solar Tower Systems (Specialises in power tower systems with small mirrors)
  • SolFocus (Uses small-scale mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto PV panels)
  • Soliant Energy (formerly Practical Instruments, makers of the Heliotube concentrating/PV system)
  • Solar Heat and Power Inc (Produces Fresnel mirror CSP plants designed by Professor David Mills.)
  • Solargenix Energy (Produces Power Roof™ system, which includes solar concentrators, and constructs parabolic trough power plants.)
  • Solar Millennium AG (Construction and operation of large-scale solar thermal power plants, mainly parabolic trough systems and solar chimney power plants.)
  • Solar Power Group (Developing the the linear Fresnel type of CSP plant.)
  • Solarsphere (Solar mirrors in a plastic sphere)
  • Solar Systems (Australian company producing parabolic dish systems with PV.)
  • Solar Trust of America LLC (Design, financing, construction, operation and management of utility-size solar thermal power plants using in-house parabolic trough solar thermal energy technology).
  • GCT100 Solel Solar Systems (Parabolic trough CSP, solar desalination of sea water, solar cooling.)
  • SolFocus (Specialises in CPV - non-imaging optical systems using mirrors).
  • Solucar (Operates new PS10 power tower in Spain.)
  • Sopogy (Novel CSP systems including rooftop systems.)
  • SunBorne Energy (Company formed by entrepreneur Anil Nayer to develop utility-scale solar power in India)
  • Sunpower (Sells Stirling engines for a variety of applications including CSP.)
  • UK Sunstroom Energy Ltd (Designs, builds, operates and maintains renewable energy power plants, including CSP, and sells green sustainable energy to the grid.)
  • Sustainable Resources Inc. (Suncone solar power generator, with desalination of sea water)
  • Stirling Energy Systems (Parabolic dish and Stirling engine systems.)
  • Torresol Energy (A new joint venture between Sener Grupo de Ingenierãa, S.A., a Spanish engineering group, and Masdar the Abu Dhabi's future energy company, with the mission to develop, build and operate large Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants worldwide). See 20 MW Gemasolar plant: elegant, but pricey (The Energy Collective, 2011-06-04).
  • Tsugino Co. (CSP startup.)
  • UK Whitfield Solar (Makes low-cost CPV systems)
  • Wizard Power Pty Ltd (Australian company supplying solar energy solutions, with an emphasis on large dish systems)
  • WorleyParsons (A large engineering company that, in August 2008, announced ambitious plans to build CSP plants in Australia - see Australia as a solar energy leader, says WorleyParsons)

See also: companies listed on the PESWiki Directory on concentrating solar power.


Other companies with an interest in Desertec developments

  • Founder companies in the Desertec Industrial Initiative:
    • ABB 
    • ABENGOA Solar 
    • Cevital (An Algerian industrial company run by entrepreneur Issad Rebrab)
    • Deutsche Bank 
    • E.ON 
    • HSH Nordbank 
    • MAN Solar Millennium 
    • Munich Re 
    • M+W Zander 
    • RWE 
    • SCHOTT Solar 
    • SIEMENS 



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