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This page contains links to items of news that are related to CSP, the Desertec proposals and decarbonising the world's economy. Reports about large-scale PV plants are marked 'PV-PROJECT'.



8 Radar deal clears the sky for 7bn offshore wind farm expansion (The Times).

6 Aviation Q&A: the impact of flying on the environment (The Guardian).


15 Money spent on tar sands projects could decarbonise western economies (The Guardian). Mentions Desertec as a good alternative to tar sands as a place to spent money.

11 Five countries fall behind on European renewable energy goals (The New York Times).

9 Deutsche Bank urges private sector leadership on climate (


23 MPs say 37bn 'smart' power grid unlikely without state aid (Daily Telegraph).

12 Known lithium deposits can cover electric car boom (Planet Ark).

11 More Power? No, more empowerment! (Miller McCune). Nobel laureate Walter Kohn is bullish on renewable energy but sees the answer to global energy woes as population stabilization through the education of women.


19 Middle East plan to be leader in renewable energy (The Energy Collective).

14 UPDATE 1-EU energy chief-designate wants to cut imports (Reuters).

8 Deutsche firmen bauen "Desertec des Nordens" mit (

8 Solarcentury to sun itself in brightening Middle East solar market (

3 Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy 'supergrid' (The Observer).



9 A regular musician’s guide to climate change (The Times).


30 ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything’ (The Times). Utility companies will sell less gas and electricity and more insulation and efficiency.

29 Conservatives look to break up Big Six energy firms (The Guardian).

26 The little island and its big, green victory (The Independent).

25 Spain's renewables boom seen driving gas capacity (

25  E.ON chief Paul Golby fears clean coal may never be viable (Daily Telegraph).

12 Oil: future world shortages are being drastically underplayed, say experts (The Guardian).


26 A post-oil world gets less sci-fi by the day (The Guardian).

19 Act now if you don’t want the lights to go out (The Times, from Tony Hayward, chief executive of BP).

19 A tale of how it turned out right (BBC News, Andrew Simms).

18 E.ON condemns overambitious targets for green energy (The Times).

16 Britain's first carbon capture and storage plant to be built in Yorkshire (The Guardian).

5 MacKay urges government to power up nuclear ambitions (

2 Rich countries 'must slash living standards' to fight climate change (The Times).


23 Planetary boundaries (Nature News).

23 Johann Hari: collapse or survive: the stark choice facing our species (The Independent).

21 Professor Kevin Anderson: point of no return (The Independent).

17 Feed-in tariffs go global: policy in practice (

16 Fair carbon means no carbon for rich countries (New Scientist). This is about a report from the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) showing how much (how little!) CO2 may be emitted if we are to minimise the risk of dangerous climate change. The report itself is Solving the climate dilemma: the budget approach (PDF, 2.3 MB).

15 Offshore wind could supply 10% of Europe, EWEA says (

14 No danger of mass power cuts, says Miliband (Daily Telegraph).

9 Climate change talks ‘in danger’, warns David Miliband (The Times). See also 'Real danger' climate change deal attempt could fail (The Independent).


23 Fury at plan to power EU homes from Congo dam (The Peninsula).

8 UN climate change deal needs more sacrifices by West, John Prescott warns (The Guardian).

8 Kangaroo farming would cut greenhouse gases: study (Reuters). Kangaroos need shade to survive the mid-day heat. The solar collectors of CSP plants can provide shade!

5 Scale of the power challenge (Financial Times).

4 India sets out ambitious solar power plan to be paid for by rich nations (The Guardian).

3 Ofgem says electric companies must spend 6.5bn upgrading network (Daily Telegraph).


29 Power glut forces UK utilities to idle plants (update 2) (

6 Make state-run banks invest in renewable energy, urges ex-BP chief Lord Browne (The Times).

2 250,000 jobs and 70bn revenue - the forecast for a thriving UK renewables sector (The Guardian).

1 Wind 'can revolutionise UK power' (BBC News). Research from analysts Poyry says that the UK can massively expand wind power by 2030 without suffering power cuts or a melt-down of the National Grid.


30 Households face rise in bills because of Government failure on renewables (The Daily Telegraph).

29 Eon chief promotes EU-wide energy policy (The Independent).

24 UK expands wind power potential (BBC News).

18 Tax on electricity to fund carbon capture plan (Daily Telegraph).

15 Sunnier times ahead for solar energy as MPs back tariff boost for photovoltaic power (The Guardian, 2009-06-15).

8 Drinking water from air humidity (Science Daily).

3 Green energy overtakes fossil fuel investment, says UN (The Guardian).


28 Global warming must stay below 2C or world faces ruin, scientists declare (The Times).

26 China puts its faith in solar power with huge renewable energy investment (The Guardian. See also China's new faith in solar energy projects is hailed by environmentalists as a milestone).

25 Solar sparkle for Arizona (

10 Scottish villagers stun developers by demanding extra turbine (The Guardian).


30 UK Government green goals face failure (The Times, 2009-04-30).

24 24.04.09- G8 des ministres de l’environnement Syracuse (press release, Ministre de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement durable et de l’Aménagement du Territoire, France).

8 New era for fossil fuels as first carbon capturing power plant begins work (The Guardian).

3 Germany: the world's first major renewable energy economy (


29 Electric avenues: battery-powered cars take over the roads (The Independent on Sunday).

28 Arctic meltdown is a threat to humanity (New Scientist).

27 Can coal live up to its clean promise? (New Scientist).

15 Eon calls for 1bn to clean up coal (The Sunday Times).

15 Plan B: scientists get radical in bid to halt global warming ‘catastrophe’ (The Sunday Times).

13 Stern attacks politicians over climate 'devastation' (The Guardian. See also The Times, The Independent, and the Daily Telegraph).

10 GLOBAL: Getting to the bottom of sea-level rise (Reuters).

9 Carbon cuts 'only give 50/50 chance of saving planet' (The Independent).

8 Darling vetoes plans for green revolution in snub to Mandelson (The Independent on Sunday).

8 Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures (The Observer).

5 Government backs blueprint to revamp electricity grid (Financial Times).

4 Study shows 4.7 billion needed for power grid (Reuters).


25 How to survive the coming century (New Scientist).

24 Opportunities that are too good to miss (The Guardian). This about a report by Nicholas Stern and Alex Bowen called An outline of the case for a 'green' stimulus.

15 Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them (The Observer, James Hansen).

15 Global warming 'underestimated' (BBC News).

9 Scientists plan emergency summit on climate change (The Guardian).

1 Centrica chief issues 'energy crunch' warning (The Observer).


26 The greenhouse effect and the bathtub effect (The New York Times). See also the climate change bathtub simulation.

26 UK looks on from sidelines at green energy summit (The Guardian).

25 Obama tells US of his radical new agenda (The Observer).

15 OMA plans massive North Sea wind farm to power Europe (Inhabitat).

9 International Energy Agency 'blocking global switch to renewables' (Guardian).

2 Climate scientists: it's time for 'Plan B' (The Independent).



1 Can nuclear power compete? (Scientific American).


17 Governor Schwarzenegger advances state’s renewable energy development (Press release from the government of Califonia).

12 New energy realities – WEO calls for global energy revolution despite economic crisis (World Energy Outlook press release).

11 Big economies urged to toughen targets (Financial Times).


19 Miliband's blueprint for greener homes (The Independent).

19 UK wind farm plans on brink of failure (The Observer).

12 A 'Green New Deal' can save the world's economy, says UN (The Independent). See also Green energy is not a middle-class conceit, more the only way forward (The Independent, 2008-10-19).

10 Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis' (BBC News).

10 EU gets tough on emissions (CarbonFree).

8 Coal-fired power generators face new threat from EU carbon emissions curb (Times Online).

7 Government's climate advisers call for 80% carbon emissions cut (New Energy Focus).

1 Clean Energy 2030. Google's proposal for reducing U.S. dependence on fossil fuels.

1 Solar paint on steel could generate renewable energy soon (

1 New year’s day 2030 (Green Futures). This article suggests that, in one scenario up to 2030, “Solar arrays cover mile after mile of the Sahara”. The printed version of the article illustrates the point with a picture of parabolic troughs.

1 Eat kangaroo to help combat climate change: Ross Garnaut (The Australian).


22 The future of hydrogen is now (


22 Escalating costs of new build: what does it mean? (Nuclear Engineering International).

4 MIT researchers discover new energy storage solution (


30 Interstate transmission superhighways: paving the way to a low-carbon future ( Discusses electricity transmission in the US and includes references to studies showing the substantial economic benefits of transmission grids.

22 MPs urge emissions deadlines for power stations (The Independent)

18 Al Gore: a generational challenge to repower America (We can solve the climate crisis)

16 MIT research may bring down cost of solar energy (

15 The impact of peak oil on international development (PDF, 736 KB, The All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil, APPGOPO)

14 Libyan leader holds international press conference on ''Union For the Mediterranean'' (

13 An energy policy we can stick to (Washington Post). Proposes switching American overland transport to electricity, thereby driving the development of clean electricity (see also Project Better Place).

13 North Sea could be 'Gulf of future' (The Press Association). This report about the inaugural summit of the Union for the Mediterranean in Paris says "The North Sea could become "the Gulf of the future" for wind power thanks to the development of off-shore windfarms in the coming years, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will tell fellow EU leaders. And he will urge them to build an equivalent role for the Mediterranean in solar generation as part of a multi-billion-pound drive for "green" renewable energy technology." Later, it says that "he [Gordon Brown] will back proposals for a "solar plan" for the Mediterranean, which could make the region a vital source of future global energy by harnessing the power of the sun."


27 Blair sets out path to new global deal for a low carbon future (press release from The Office of Tony Blair). This press release is about the first report from Tony Blair's "Breaking the Climate Deadlock" initiative. A copy of the report may be downloaded from the site.

23 Lack of new power lines threatens renewable growth (PlanetArk)

22 Mr. Bush, lead or leave (New York Times)

18 RAB says UK's proposed renewable energy target is achievable (Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform)

16 Taqa tests wind in Morocco (

16 Solar future brightens as oil soars (The Guardian). PV may reach grid parity within a few years.

15 Cameron: we must lead the way in tidal energy (Independent on Sunday)

10 Why is Bush helping Saudi Arabia build nukes? (Wall Street Journal)

2 Geothermal electricity booming in Germany (


23 Miliband admits to scramble for resources (Public Servant Daily)

13 McCain's French kiss (National Post). The economic disaster of French nuclear power and why the USA could not be powered by nuclear power.

5 Nuclear reactors will cost twice estimate, says E.ON chief (Times Online)


30 Nuclear's CO2 cost 'will climb' (BBC News)

23 Time for an International Renewable Energy Agency? (

19 Carbon trading struggles to cut our emissions (New Scientist)

11 Sarkozy's Mediterranean Union (

7 Climate target is not radical enough - study (The Guardian)


27 Can coal live up to its clean promise? (New Scientist)

23 The rise of British sea power (The Independent on Sunday)

20 Low emission approach could boost US economy (CarbonFree News)

3 Government backflip on solar panel policy (Daily Telegraph). The UK government introduces feed-in tariffs, at least for microgeneration.

1 By the power of Oz: osmotic generation technology (


19 GLOBE G8+5 legislators forum to be held in Brasilia on February 20-21 (The World Bank, News and Broadcast)

6 Conference hears EU energy supply anxieties ( News about the EU's thinking about external energy supplies.


30 New power generation: alternative energy sources (The Independent)

25 Two energy futures (Open letter by Jeroen van der Veer, Chief Executive of Shell)

21 British architect designs world's first carbon-neutral city at UAE (AHN. See also Treehugger)

19 Coal: bleak outlook for the black stuff (New Scientist, 2008-01-19)

16 Ireland launches ocean energy initiative (Renewable Energy Access). There is great potential for Ireland to export wave power to the rest of Europe via the proposed HVDC supergrid.

16 Nanowires could be used to convert heat into electricity (Carbon Free). If the promise of this technology is realised, it could greatly enhance the efficiency of solar thermal power plants.

2 France sets ambitious renewable energy targets (Renewable Energy Access)



24 An unbiased approach to evaluating transportation fuels (Renewable Energy Access). Discusses "the hydrogen economy" versus "the electricity economy".

23 SSE joins auction of Irish wind generator - source (Reuters). This report is about the sale of the wind energy company, Airtricity, that has proposed the construction of a Europe-wide supergrid.

21 Oil giants abandon plans for ‘uneconomic’ green power plant (The Times Online). Carbon capture and storage is expensive!

18 Biggest U.S. solar panel farms open in Nevada, Colo (PV-PROJECT)

16 Anarchy in the EU (Renewable Energy Access). This is an interesting article about the politics of energy in the EU.

8 Solar power: the future's bright (New Scientist). This article is mainly about the prospects for cheap PV but it contains a section on CSP.


13 European Commission plans for energy market deregulation offer mixed prospects for consumers (International Herald Tribune)

9 Energy focus to use fiber optics to help boost solar efficiency (Greentech Media)


29 Solar power for new Moroccan rail line (Environmental News Network)

29 Holograms: not just for sci-fi anymore (Greentech Media)

22 Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study (The Guardian)

18 Demonstrating the technical feasibility of a system of electricity generation 100% renewable( Kassel University study.

1 Global Warming Solutions announces LETG test results (Business Wire)

1 Moving wind to the mainstream: leveraging compressed air energy storage (Renewable Energy Access)

1 Corporate rooftops are the latest frontier in solar energy generation (IEEE Spectrum)


3 EU seeks to build energy ties with neighbours (Financial Times). This relates to TREC's aim of creating a Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation.


13: (Guardian Unlimited)

8 Renewable energy: the carrot and the stick - a better bribe (CSP, SeekingAlpha)

6 Green means slow to this government (Guardian Unlimited). More about feed-in tariffs.


23 Germany sets shining example in providing a harvest for the world (Guardian Unlimited). This article describes Germany's success in encouraging the development of renewable forms of energy. The trick appears to be the use of 'feed-in tariffs'.

10 Sarkozy, visiting former French colonies in North Africa, looks to future (International Herald Tribune). This report refers to Nicolas Sarkozy's proposal for a "Mediterreanean Union" of countries around the Mediterranean sea.

3 Revolutionary green engine dramatically reduces costs and emissions (Deluge Inc.)

1 Sarkozy to negotiate a “privilege contracts” so as to make a success of his programme (El Khabar). This is a report about gas supplies from Algeria to France.


23 Solar Power by regional means and without large industry (CSP, Tamera). This describes an interesting project using small-scale CSP.

8 An overdue farewell for old King Coal (Sydney Morning Herald)


23 Earth's natural wealth: an audit (New Scientist)

22 City starts construction on power cord to Sichuan (HVDC, Shanghai Daily). This HVDC transmission line in China, 2000 km long and 7 GW capacity, will go online in 2011.

21 Emcore achieves 31% efficiency for new space solar cells (PV, Semiconductor Today)

18 PowerLight brings solar power to Korea (PV, Electronic Design Strategy News)

15 Tyndall 'goes green' with solar energy systems on base (CSP, Florida Emerald This is an interesting report about using the concentrating technique to create domestic hot water.

13 Iceland’s hot rocks may be power source for UK (Sunday Times).

7 Sarkozy coasts to victory (Time magazine). French president-elect Sarkozy has called for a new trans-Mediterranean partnership to speed economic development in Africa countries. This seems to fit well with the aims of the "Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation".


26 Ontario approves massive solar farm (PV-PROJECT, CBC News)

23 SunEdison breaks ground on Colorado solar power plant (PV-PROJECT, Green Wombat)

23 Officials mark start of construction of big solar array at Nellis (PV-PROJECT, Las Vegas Sun)

18 Climate change threatens security, UK tells UN (Guardian Unlimited). Margaret Becket, UK Foreign Secretary, warns about climate change and global security.

19 What's produced here stays here (PV-PROJECT, Grist).

12 Scientists get hot rocks off over green nuclear power (CSP, Sydney Morning Herald)

5 Solar power breakthrough at Massey ( See also Massey News, 2007-04-05). New developments in PV.



25 China turns to solar power (PV, Ohmy News. See also Pan Asian Biz; Engaging China)


24 Climate change 'serious threat to global security' ( This is a report of a speech by UK Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, in which she identifies climate change and associated shortages of energy, water, food, and usable land, as sources of conflict and threats to global security.

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