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This page describes some things to do to help make the Desertec concept a reality.

Early Day Motion (EDM) 123 08-09 ("Concentrating solar power and the creation of a high voltage direct current supergrid")

If you are a UK citizen, please write to your MP and ask them to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 123 08-09 which calls on the Government to promote the Desertec concept vigorously, working with its international partners.

You may find out who your MP is and write to them directly via the free WriteToThem service. It will only take a few minutes!

To see whether your MP has already signed the EDM, click on Early Day Motion (EDM) 123 08-09. If he or she has signed it, please write to thank them because this helps to show the level of support amongst voters.

Ministers and some other categories of MP do not normally sign EDMs. But it is still worth writing to them because it helps to show the level of support for the EDM and they may encourage other MPs to sign the EDM.

Here is an example of the kind of letter you may write:

Dear [name of your MP],

EDM 123 08-09 ("Concentrating solar power and the creation of a high voltage direct current supergrid")

If you are eligible to sign EDMs, I would be very grateful in you would sign the above EDM, calling on the Government to promote the Desertec concept developed by the "TREC" international network of scientists and engineers. If you are not eligible to sign EDMs, please encourage other MPs to sign it.

For your convenience, the text of the EDM is reproduced below this letter for printing off and signing.

The worldwide potential of the Desertec concept is colossal. It is probably the single most effective means of cutting worldwide emissions of CO2.

Further information about the Desertec concept may be found on and Endorsements of the concept, or aspects of it, by high-profile organisations and individuals may be found on .

With thanks in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

[Your name, postal address, and other contact details]


EDM 123


Stoate, Howard

That this House recognises the great potential of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in desert regions as a source of clean energy for countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EUMENA); welcomes the Prime Minister's endorsement of CSP and its potential in his speech at the inaugural meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean; notes that CSP is already feeding electricity into the European transmission grid, that CSP plants are quick to build, and that the UK may benefit soon from this source of power via the existing grid; further notes that the existing grid may be upgraded with high voltage direct current technologies and smart electronics; further notes that the resulting supergrid would be a cost-effective means of promoting the security, efficiency and stability of electricity supplies throughout the region, and will in any case be needed for a single market for electricity and to provide access to large-scale but remote sources of renewable energy; and calls on the Government to promote these developments vigorously, to work with its international partners to remove overt and hidden subsidies for non-renewable sources of energy, to ensure that a proper price is paid for carbon dioxide emissions, to provide a system of support for renewable energy technologies that is harmonised across the region, to support existing moves to develop a single market for electricity throughout the EU, to extend that single market to EUMENA, and to put in place appropriate mechanisms for upgrading the transmission grid throughout the region.

You may copy and paste the letter into the form provided by the WriteToThem service and edit it as you wish. It is more likely to be read if you make it distinctively yoursbut don't make it too long! Do please provide the number, title, and text of the EDM below your letter because that makes it easy for MPs to print it off, sign it, and send it to the Table Office in the House of Commons. Please also make sure that your letter includes your own postal address and links to the Desertec Foundation and Desertec-UK websites.

Many thanks!

Online campaign in support of the Desertec concept

Please lend your support to an online campaign to make politicians aware of the importance of the Desertec concept. The main page for the campaign is at where further information may be found.

Last updated: 2009-08-20 (ISO 8601)