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As of November 2009, Desertec-UK has over 210 members. This page is for any and all members who wish to provide photos and/or information about what they are doing or would like to do to promote the Desertec ideas, and about their background.

Desertec activities
John Collier Would like to encourage serious business investment in CSP. Originally a biologist. I now have a small 220 kW hydro-electric plant in Cornwall.
Vernon Crock Active promoter of the Desertec concept in Australia, and working in support of Desertec-Australia. Keen to see rapid uptake of CSP as a wise response to global environment issues. IT consultant in the Finance sector, previously in the Higher Education sector. Member of the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) Australia. Designed and built a concentrating solar parabolic trough at age 15.
Olivier Daniélo Coordinator of TREC-France (with Mathieu Vrinat). Also promoting CSP though blogging (Objectif Terre). Studied biological and environmental sciences in France. Has worked in environmental protection and education and is now based in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Belen Gallego Founder and Director of
CSP Today and CPV Today
From the Spanish region of Galiza. Studied Media Management in the UK. Has worked in international media before founding CSP Today and CPV Today.
Ayesha Garrett Maintaining our News page and Google Earth database of CSP plants around the world. Ayesha Garrett is a web and graphic designer, 3D modeller, visual effects and film editor, with a background in languages (Arabic and Japanese).
Polly Higgins Coordinator of Desertec-UK media team. Desertec speaker, presenter and writer, with a particular interest in EU and international legislative frameworks.
London based, formerly a practising barrister.
Rob Palgrave Collating and re-publishing information on CSP. Promoting CSP though letter-writing, blogging and talks. Qualified as electrical / electronic engineer. Career primarily in IT management, also publishing and data management. Active in Friends of the Earth and Woking Local Agenda 21 community sustainability group.
Nitin Phansalkar Coordinator of Desertec-India Senior Solutions Architect in information technology.
Falko Schmidt Working for the Desertec Foundation in communications and public relations, including public speaking about Desertec. Has come over from Germany to work in London for a while.
Richard Smith Would like to promote Desertec via blogging and other means of communication. Director & Owner
Millhouse C and C Limited
Gerry Wolff Coordinator of Desertec-UK Former university lecturer in computer systems engineering.

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