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NEWS of trec, csp AND HVDC 2004-2007

Desertec news 2008

Here are links to web pages containing news of TREC, the Desertec proposals, CSP or HVDC (or any combination of those things). On other pages, there is related news and an archive of news reports about TREC.

  • Desertec: Reports which make specific mention of TREC or the Desertec proposals.
  • CSP: Reports with a focus on CSP.
  • CSP-PROJECT: News of specific CSP projects.
  • HVDC: Reports with a focus on large-scale HVDC transmission grids or the creation of a Europe-wide or EUMENA-wide single market for electricity, or both..
  • CSP-PROCESS: The use of solar heat or electricity from CSP plants to power industrial processes, including the synthesis of fuels.
  • CPV: Reports about the use of PV in conjunction with the concentrating technique.
  • Member: a contribution to the media by a member of TREC or Desertec-UK.



31 DOE to invest more than $5 million for concentrating solar power (CSP, Double Glazing and Photovoltaic blog)

23 Israeli firms will not get preference in new Negev solar power plant (CSP-PROJECT,

23 Abu Dhabi, Japanese partner on beam-down solar (CSP, New Energy News. See also Business Intelligence Middle East, 2007-12-23)

22 Nevada steps closer to solar economy (CSP, Las Vegas Sun. See also Renewable Energy Student Union, 2007-12-14)

21 California approves Solel-PG&E solar contract (CSP-PROJECT, Reuters UK. See also Renewable Business, 2007-12-21)

19 Jumpstarting solar power (CSP-PROJECT, Energy Central. See also Tucson Citizen, 2007-12-24)

19 A reason to be positive about the environment, poverty and war (Desertec, Lynne Featherstone blog). Lynne Featherstone is the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green in the UK. In this blog she writes very positively about the Desertec concept.

18 Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ±800 kV UHVDC transmission project (HVDC, ABB press release)

17 Masdar, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Cosmo Oil partner to develop solar thermal ‘beam down’ technology (CSP, World Future Energy Summit press release)

17 Using solar power to change everything (Desertec, Member, The Future of Free Energy). This is a republication of an article by Gerry Wolff, previously published in The Oil Drum (2007-05-31), itself reproduced from Power Engineer (2007-04-30).

17 Energy COOL: a powerful renewable vision (Desertec, Energy Smart)

15 Call it a cellphone with a conscience (Desertec, Globe and Mail)

15 1000 MW of Solar in the Negev? (CPV, Treehugger)

13 An interview with Dr Gerhard Knies about the Desertec ideas (MP3, 8.3 MB, Radio 4, You and Yours, 12:04, Member).

12 EMCORE Corporation enters into an agreement to supply 60MW of terrestrial solar power systems in Ontario, Canada (CPV, EMCORE press release)

12 Concentrated solar power resurges as scalable energy alternative (CSP, Emerging Energy Research. See also Green Campsites in Israel, 2007-12-12)

12 SkyFuel heats up solar thermal (CSP, Earth2Tech)

12 An interview with Gerry Wolff about the Desertec ideas by Marc Strassman of the Etopia News Channel (Member)

11 Murtha: Alcoa receives $398,520 DoE grant for work on solar energy (CSP, All American Patriots)

10 New solar systems (CSP, See also AloTech, 2007-12-10)

10 Sunshine to petrol project seeks fuel from thin air (CSP-PROCESS, Science Daily. See also All Headline News, 2007-12-11; Mumbai Mirror News, 2007-12-16; Gate2Biotech, 2007-12-10; Green Bang, 2007-12-14; Pure Energy Systems, 2007-12-21; Sandia National Laboratories press release, 2007-12-05; Thaindian News, 2007-12-19; ABC News, 2007-12-17; Helloworld, 2007-12-26)

9 CSP: the new baseload kid on the block? (CSP, ALT Energy Stocks. See also Seeking Alpha, 2007-12-17)

9 Sun to bring power, jobs to Central Coast (CSP, See also Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal, 2007-12-14; AC, 2007-12-14; Palm Beach Daily News, 2007-12-13; eFluxMedia, 2007-12-13; Clean Tech, 2007-12-13; Good Clean Tech, 2007-12-16; The Earth Blog, 2007-12-14; Venture Beat, 2007-12-13; The Daily Green, 2007-12-14; Nevada Appeal, 2007-12-14; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-12-14; CNET News, 2007-12-13; Greentech Media, 2007-12-13; San Franciso Chronicle, 2007-12-14)

9 Finally, a bright idea? Florida Power & Light considers a deal for solar power with an Australian newcomer (CSP, Palm Beach Post)

8 «Les énergies renouvelables seront moins chères que le pétrole ou le nucléaire» (CSP, L' Vinod Khosla talks about the advantages of CSP and biofuels.

7 Imera to boost Ireland's energy supply (HVDC, The Calco Power Presidium)

7 European politicians are searching for new sources of renewable energy (Desertec, Network Europe. See also Frost's Meditations, 2007-12-03)

7 Utilities seek 250 MW solar thermal plant in southwest (CSP-PROJECT, Solar Industry. See also Renewable Energy Access, 2007-12-10; East Valley Tribune, 2007-12-07; Phoenix Business Journal, 2007-12-06; Cleantech, 2007-12-06; Clean Edge, 2007-12-12)

6 Peter Meisen at GENI talks about Desertec (Desertec, Etopia News Channel. See also MySpace TV, 2007-12-06)

6 Xcel involved in solar power project (CSP-PROJECT, Denver Business Journal. See also Denver Post, 2007-12-06)

6 Design competition launched for solar power plant tower (CSP-PROJECT,

6 Wind-fuelled 'supergrid' offers clean power to Europe (HVDC, The Independent. See also AlterNet, 2007-12-06)

5 Energy initiative proposes desert power plan (Desertec, SciDev.Net)

4 BBC World Business Review (Desertec, BBC World Service, audio file for Real Player). Dr Gerhard Knies, Dr Hermann Scheer and Dr Malcolm Grimstone in a three-way interview.

3 Desert sun could hold key to Europe's energy needs (Desertec, Radio Netherlands)

3 Séville: une ville au régime solaire (CSP, Journal Europa)

3 Utah's energy outlook is clean (CSP, The Salt Lake Tribune). This article includes sections about CSP as well as wind power and geothermal power.

2 How Africa's desert sun can bring Europe power (Desertec, The Observer. Minor errors in this report were corrected in The Observer, 2007-12-09. See also VOIP, 2007-12-03; Ecotality Life, 2007-12-03; Futurismic, 2007-12-03; dkFACTOR, 2007-12-03; Science, 2007-12-03;, 2007-12-07; Canada Free Press, 2007-12-07; Fat Knowledge, 2007-12-07; Econ Elites, 2007-12-06; The Poor Mouth, 2007-12-02; International Association of Journalists, 2007-11-27; Treehugger, 2007-12-03)

2 Companies squeezing power from sun, deserts in Southern California (CSP, San Francisco Chronicle)


30 Greens go for big: solar farms in the desert (Desertec, BlogActiv.EU)

29 Hot foot to Brussels with desert energy idea (Desertec, Carbon Free)

29 DOE to invest more than $5 million for concentrating solar power (CSP, US Department of Energy press release. See also New Mexico Business Weekly, 2007-12-03; Alternative Energy, 2007-11-30; Houston Chronicle, 2007-11-29; Media Newswire, 2007-11-29;, 2007-11-29; Denver Post, 2007-11-29; Clean Edge News, 2007-12-03; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-12-03)

28 SCHOTT supports Club of Rome energy concept (Desertec, SCHOTT AG press release)

28 Google to seek cheaper, cleaner energy sources (CSP, USA Today. See also Google press release, 2007-11-27; New York Times, 2007-11-28)

27 Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan presents White Paper to European parliament (Desertec, Immedia Press. See also IT News, 2007-12-27; SCHOTT, 2007-12-28)

27 Europe looks to draw power from Africa (Desertec, Nature News. See also, 2007-11-27; Business Intelligence Middle East, 2007-11-27)

26 Siemens receives orders for Spanish renewable projects (CSP, Trading

24 Clean power from deserts for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (Desertec,

23 Arup to design world’s first ‘solar city’ in Arizona (CSP-PROJECT, Building)

23 Fondation de l'association Desertec, Parlement européen, 28 novembre 2007 (Desertec, Objectif Terre)

23 Clean power from deserts for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan presents White Paper to EU Parliament (Desertec, News Blaze. See also Carbon Free, 2007-11-29; PR Newswire, 2007-11-27; Belga Press Releases, 2007-11-27; Wall Street Online, 2007-11-27; Yahoo Tech, 2007-11-27)

22 Solar Systems making the sun work after dark (CPV, Herald Sun)

21 Renewable technology - the key to our future? (CSP, European Parliament). At a meeting of MEPs and energy experts, physics Nobel laureate, Professor Carlo Rubbia, urged the use of CSP as a way for the world to ease its dependence on fossil fuels. He said "the Sahara is not very far away".

20 Both parties promise obsolete renewable energy policies (CSP, Webdiary)

19 Desertec (Desertec, Crisis Fronts)

18 Solar power ready to shine (CSP, Contra Costa Times)

17 Le Sahara générateur d'électricité? (Desertec, Le Monde)

16 Kleiner Perkins eyes India and Colorado wants a solar-thermal plant (CSP, Greentech Media)

16 Big solar generator proposed by Xcel (CSP-PROJECT, The Denver Post)

16 Desert power (Desertec, Member, Green World). This is a republication, with permission, of an article by Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK, that was first published in the Newsletter of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

14 Energy: mega electric cable to link Algeria and Germany (HVDC, ANSA Med. See also El Watan, 2007-11-14 (in French); Planet Ark, 2007-11-15; Reuters Africa, 2007-11-14)

13 All about: CSP (Desertec,

13 Al Gore's next act: planet-saving VC (CSP, CNN Money). This article includes a reference to Al Gore's offer to organise a high-level conference to raise awareness of the potential of CSP.

11 Clean energy no longer just a pipe dream (CSP, Taipei Times, republished from The Guardian)

12 Acciona plans bigger solar thermal plant in US (CSP-PROJECT, Planet Ark)

6 Yet another energy revolution (Yawn) (CSP, The American Spectator). This is a rather unconvincing attempt by the nuclear lobby to knock CSP, PV and geothermal energy.

5 Development of two solar-thermal electric hybridized power plant debuts in southern California (CSP-PROJECT, Newswire Today)

5 PG&E signs Ausra to build 177-MW Calif. solar farm (CSP-PROJECT, Reuters. See also Sacramento Business Journal, 2007-11-05; CNET News, 2007-11-05; Earth2Tech, 2007-11-05;, 2007-11-05; Alt Energy Investor, 2007-11-05; Greentech Media, 2007-11-14; San Francisco Chronicle, 2007-11-05; Green Progress, 2007-11-05; Green Wombat, 2007-11-05; Solarion, 2007-12-17)

4 La Sicile se lance dans un projet solaire d'envergure (CPV) (CPV, ObjectifTerre)

4 Cloncurry to run on solar alone: Bligh (CSP-PROJECT, The Age, Australia)

2 Analysis: A 'super grid' for Europe? (HVDC, United Press International)

1 Solar thermal plant moves forward (CSP-PROJECT, Central Valley Business Times. See also Energy Central, 2007-11-01)

1 Energy future: just deserts? (PDF, 181 MB, Desertec, Member, Environmental Scientist, October/November 2007, pp 19-21). This is a republication, with permission, of an article by Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK, that was first published in the Newsletter of Scientists for Global Responsibility.


30 GreenVolts secures $10 million series A financing (CPV, Marketwire)

29 Study identifies renewable energy resources in Arizona (CSP, Renewable Energy Access. See also Alt Energy Stocks, 2007-10-27)

28 Investing in solar energy (Desertec, Pak Tribune). This report quotes Dr Gerhard Knies but appears to have confused CSP with PV.

26 Solar thermal electric hybrid power plant for Barstow, California (CSP-PROJECT, Earth Toys)

23 Maroc - Le TGV Tanger-Casablanca fonctionnera en partie grâce à l'énergie solaire concentrée (CSP, Objectif Terre)

18 ‘Need for greater urgency’ in UK energy policies (Muslim Weekly). This is about "Energy UK", a report about UK energy policy prepared by Gerry Wolff. The report contains a section about the Desertec proposals.

17 Developer plans Kern's first solar plant (CSP-PROJECT, The Bakersfield Californian)

17 FPL grabs the lead in renewable power (CSP, Business Week)

16 No easy options on renewable energy sources (CSP, Business Report). Contains a largely positive discussion of CSP.

16 Centrale solaire à concentration pour la région PACA (CSP-PROJECT,

16 Kern County's first solar thermal electric hybrid power plant (CSP-PROJECT, News Blaze)

15 Concentrated solar power could power Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Desertec, The Low Carbon Kid)

15 Solar's day in the sun (CSP, Business Week)

11 Siemens connects Majorca to power grid on the Spanish mainland (HVDC, ElectricNet. See also Media Newswire, 2007-10-11)

10 U.S. agencies ramp up science, technical collaboration in Libya (CSP, News Blaze). Contains section about CSP in Libya.

11 New study shows how solar power can provide 90 percent of the energy needs in the United States (CSP, Beyond Zero Emissions. See also Solar Energy Investing, 2007-10-07; Green Wombat, 2007-09-19)

9 Siemens connects Majorca to power grid on the Spanish mainland (HVDC, PRdomain Business Register)

7 Concentrating solar power plant in Spain and powerful solar power plant in Portugal combat climate change (CSP, HORIZON Solutions Site)

3 Iberdrola and Mitsui to build solar thermal plant in Egypt (CSP-PROJECT, Energy Business Review. See also Renewable Energy Access, 2007-10-09)

2 Florida's solar power shines bright (CSP, Green Options)

1 First RSFF projects announced, Zeltia taken into account (CSP, Check Biotech)

1 Turning sun's rays into gold (CSP,

1 Big utilities interested in big solar (CSP,

1 Q&A: Schott talks solar-thermal (CSP, Greentech Media)

1 Global concentrated solar power markets and strategies, 2007–2020 (CSP, Emerging Energy Research). This is a flyer for a report available for purchase.

1 Aust technology to revolutionise clean electricity (CSP, ABC TV). This report contains a link to a very interesting film about CSP.

1 Canada's Ausra connection (CSP, Clean Break)

1 PG&E doubles solar commitments (CSP, Environmental Leader)


30 A solar technology for every application (CSP, ALT Energy Stocks)

30 Iberdrola construirá una central termosolar en Egipto por 150 millones de euros (CSP-PROJECT,

28 Nevada senator calls for National Renewable Energy Zones (HVDC, Renewable Energy Access). This report does not mention HVDC explicitly but is about how to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of coordinating the building of renewable sources of electricity with the transmission lines that they need.

28 Ausra, FPL, PG&E heat up solar thermal (CSP, CleanTech. See also Green Wombat, 2007-09-27 (A); Green Wombat, 2007-09-27 (B);, 2007-09-26; Xenophilia, 2007-10-02;, 2007-09-27; Reuters, 2007-09-27; Business Journal, 2007-09-27)

27 U.A.E officials eye the red hot Spanish concentrated solar power industry (CSP, PRLog)

27 Germany looks to North Africa's untapped solar thermal potential (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

27 La future centrale solaire des Diablerets séduit (CSP-PROJECT, Le Temp. See also 24 Heures, 2007-09-26). Also relevant is an article Pourquoi des centrales solaire dans les Alpes? (PDF).

24 Solar Power 2007 is focal point of industry's success (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

24 Q&A: Ausra's incoming head honcho (CSP, Greentech Media)

20 The sun in Spain makes power for the plain (Desertec, Green Futures). This short report in Green Features includes a quote from Dr Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK.

19 Solar thermal power as the plausible basis of grid supply (PDF, 238 KB, CSP, paper by David Mills and Rob Morgan presented to the ISES Solar World Congress, 2007-09-19)

19 Energising Europe: a real market with secure supply (HVDC, EUROPA). This press release does not mention HVDC explicitly but is about the creation of a single market for electricity (and gas) in Europe, and this is intimately related to the creation of a Europe-wide supergrid.

19 First forum on concentrating solar thermal power to take place in Seville (CSP, CSP Today)

19 SCHOTT to quadruple US solar panel output (CSP, Reuters UK). This report is mainly about PV but says "The new plant will also have the capability to make receivers for concentrated solar power for use in areas that get high levels of solar radiation, such as deserts.".

19 Sunny outlook: can sunshine provide all U.S. electricity? (CSP, See also Green Wombat, 2007-09-19; Grist, 2007-09-23)

18 ABB wins power order worth more than $400 million for world's largest offshore wind farm (HVDC, Oil & Gas Eurasia. See also Power Online, 2007-09-26)

17 A solar refrigerator for developing world (CSP, Crave)

17 PS10 solar power plant in Spain (CSP-PROJECT, Generation eXe)

14 Hawaiian firm shrinks solar thermal power (CSP, CNET News. There are some pictures here.)

14 Large scale solar plants have a bright future (CSP, Gizmag)

13 Oz solar secures funding from Silicon Valley (CSP, Herald Sun. See also Australian IT, 2007-09-18)

13 Investors bask in solar power's sun (CSP,

13 Trapping sunlight (CSP, The Economist)

12 Structured leveraged concentrating solar power? (CSP, Alt Energy Stocks)

11 Concentrating on solar thermal as a solution to climate change (CSP, Beyond Zero Emissions)

11 $7b power grid project on track (HVDC, Khaleej Times)

10 BrightSource Energy plans 400 MW solar thermal plant (CSP-PROJECT, Renewable Energy Access)

10 Compact linear Fresnel reflector (CSP, After Gutenberg)

10 Aussie solar startup takes on Silicon Valley (CSP, Red Herring. See also Earth2Tech, 2007-09-09)

9 Ausra aims to build biggest solar thermal plant, raises $40M (CSP-PROJECT, Venture Beat. See also Generation eXe, 2007-09-10)

9 Solar thermal plants go back to the future (CSP, CNET

8 Industry should push for policy action (CSP, Heral Sun (Australia))

3 Light and heat (CSP-PROJECT, This article provides some more insights into the recent history of CSP.

1 Investing in deserts (PDF, 1 MB, Desertec, Member, Risk & Reward, vol. 1, issue 2, Autumn 2007, pp. 4-7). This is an article about CSP and the Desertec concept, from an investment perspective, written by Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK.


31 Solar cell order concentrates minds at emcore (CPV, Carbon Free)

30 The solar power you don't hear about (CSP, Grist)

28 The public affairs of sunshine (Desertec, This article contains an enthusiastic endorsement of the Desertec concept.

28 Eskom considers concentrated solar power (CSP, Legalbrief Environmental)

28 Spain runs Europe's first commercial solar plant (CSP-PROJECT, NPR)

27 Sun set to shine on solar (CSP, See also Clean Break, 2007-08-27; The Green Skeptic, 2007-08-27)

25 Reid would like to see Mohave go solar (CSP, Mohave Daily News)

24 Desertec and Dr Gerhard Knies featured on CNN:

22 Sopogy plans Idaho solar thermal plant (CSP-PROJECT, Inside Greentech. See also Alternative Energy, 2007-08-21; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-08-29; Earth Toys, 2007-08-21)

22 Le solaire concentré: maintenant! (Desertec, Natural Vox). This is an article by Olivier Daniélo of Objectif Terre.

23 Prinz Hassan flitzt mit Sonnenenergie durch Amman (Desertec, Spiegel Online)

23 New solar energy breakthrough magnifies the sun x1000 (CSP, Israel Times. See also, 2007-08-29)

20 Sun and mirrors (CSP-PROJECT, Mail & Guardian Online)

17 Second firm to work with Avista on clean energy (CSP-PROJECT,

16 Wells Fargo (WFC) makes large equity investment in solar energy (CSP-PROJECT, See also Environmental Leader, 2007-08-16; East Bay Business Times, 2007-08-16; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-08-17; News Center, 2007-08-27)

16 Under the spotlight: Fred Morse (CSP, This article provides some interesting insights into the recent history of CSP.

15 Solar energy in Spain (CSP, MIT Technology Review)

13 Green labour turns Brown (CSP, Member, Guardian Unlimited - comment is free). This is an article about renewable energy by Peter Tatchell, a member of Desertec-UK. It contains positive references to CSP and a link to the Desertec-UK website.

9 Beyond oil and gas, Algeria aims to tap vast sunbelt to export solar energy to Europe (CSP-PROJECT, International Herald Tribune. See also, 2007-08-12; Guardian Unlimited, 2007-08-11; Energy and Capital, 2007-08-13; Ecologist Online, 2007-08-15)

8 The battle for the refineries (CSP, Nigerian Tribune)

8 Renewable energy: the carrot and the stick - a better bribe (CSP, SeekingAlpha)

6 Cheap, superefficient solar (CPV, Business Day (Nigeria))

3 Utilities focus on concentration (CSP, Sustainable Industries)

1 FAQ: A concentrated power boost for solar energy (CSP, CNET News)

1 Acciona Energy closes financing on Nevada Solar One (CSP-PROJECT, Renewable Energy Access. See also United Press International, 2007-07-30; Business Wire, 2007-07-30)


31 The potential of power from deserts (Desertec, Member, PDF, 350 KB, SGR Newsletter, Summer 2007, Issue 34). This is a feature article about the Desertec ideas by Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK, in the Newsletter of Scientists for Global Responsibility.

31 Avista considers concentrated solar (CPV, NW

27 Catching some rays in the desert (CSP, Members, Money Week). This is part of a larger article about renewable sources of power. Thanks to Mike Graham and Polly Higgins (members of Desertec-UK) for helping to get this published. To enlarge the image, click the '+' with Firefox or the 'enlarge' button with Internet Explorer.

27 New technology for cheaper solar energy (CSP, Young Germany)

27 Namibia: sun as an energy resource (CSP, Contains brief description of CSP.

26 Where the wind blows (HVDC, The Economist). This article describes the case for a Europe-wide HVDC supergrid.

25 Solel's new 553 MW solar thermal plant (CSP-PROJECT, CleanTech. See also Earth2Tech, 2007-07-25)

25 Some stories I've been saving (CSP, Foreign Policy Association). This blog contains positive references to CSP, including a link to the Demascus Declaration.

24 Limitless energy (CSP, Deccan Herald). This article includes a brief description of the idea that CSP could provide electricity for the whole of India.

23 California utility agrees to buy power generated by solar array (CSP-PROJECT, New York Times. See also International Herald Tribune, 2007-07-25; Inside Greentech, 2007-07-25; Red Herring, 2007-07-25; The Daily Green, 2007-07-26; San Francisco Sentinel, 2007-07-26; Israel21C, 2007-07-26; CNET News, 2007-07-25;, 2007-07-25; Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 2007-07-25; Climate Ark, 2007-07-25; Clean Edge, 2007-07-26; Solarbuzz, 2007-07-25; Metaefficient, 2007-07-27; TechNews, 2007-08-10;, 2007-07-06;, 2007-07-26; Leonardo Energy, 2007-07-30; USA Today, 2007-07-26; Israel21c, 2007-07-26)

23 Experts meet to discuss how to reduce the price of concentrated solar power (CSP, Newswire Today)

23 Gordon Brown's great nuclear con trick (CSP, Another Green World). This blog contains positive references to CSP and its potential to supply the UK with clean electricity.

22 300 MW solar tower will supply electricity to Seville, Spain (CSP-PROJECT, Power Technology)

22 Solar energy, new technology (CSP, TechNews)

21 After peak oil: Will America survive? (CSP, This article makes very positive reference to CSP as part of the answer to US energy supply problems.

21 Lack of ideas at the top over energy (Desertec, The Star). This report from Canada describes the TRANS-CSP proposals in very positive terms. The 'lack of ideas' refers to Canada.

18 High voltage solar power controversy (CSP, Green Wombat)

16 In the desert, harnessing the power of the sun by capturing heat instead of light (CSP, New York Times)

15 Shrinking the cost for solar power (CSP, Richard Lalancette Blog)

15 CSP lifts off: Nevada Solar One comes to life (CSP-PROJECT, NCET)

11 Massive Spanish-German solar project enters second phase (CSP-PROJECT,

11 Khosla Ventures invests in solar thermal company, Ausra (CSP, Venture Beat)

10 Reducing the price of solar energy (CSP-PROJECT, See also AlphaGalilio.Org, 2007-07-10; Gizmag, 2007-07-11; Scenta, 2007-07-11)

10 EU inquiry deadline for UK National Grid, TenneT power network jv Aug 10 (HVDC, Euro2Day. See also, 2007-07-10;, 2007-07-10; ForexTV, 2007-07-10)

9 Solar's SkyFuel angel funded to build in NM (CSP, alarm:clock. See also PEHUB, 2007-07-09)

8 Arab countries urge solar future (Desertec, The Sunday Times (Malta). See also Stephen Gloor, 2007-07-10)

3 Stop doing the CBI's bidding, and we could be fossil fuel free in 20 years (Desertec, The Guardian). This article by George Monbiot contains a paragraph describing the Desertec proposals briefly but positively.


29 State of Hawaii approves $10 million dollars for Sopogy solar farm bonds (CSP-PROJECT, press release from Sopogy. See also, 2007-07-08; EarthToys, 2007-07-12; EarthToys, 2007-08-01)

27 EPRI to lead multi-party concentrating solar initiative (CSP-PROJECT, press release from EPRI. See also New Mexico Business Weekly, 2007-06-27; Green Wombat, 2007-06-28; Denver Post, 2007-06-29; United Press International, 2007-06-28;, 2007-06-28; News2U Media, 2007-06-30; Herald on Sunday (New Zealand), 2007-06-28; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-07-02)

27 Electric utilities to study new solar technology (CSP, Reuters)

25 "Desert Bounty" Where can one find an oasis? (Desertec, Member, News Blaze). This is a feature article about the Desertec ideas by Gerry Wolff.

24 Damascus Declaration (Desertec, MENAREC 4)

22 Star (as in solar) TREC (Desertec, 12 Degrees of Freedom)

22 “Nevada Solar One” parabolic trough power plant to go on line (CSP-PROJECT, Verivox. See also, 2007-07-14)

21 Spain's Abengoa wins Moroccan thermal solar contract (CSP-PROJECT, Middle East Times. See also, 2007-10-15)

19 Algeria plans to develop solar power for export (CSP-PROJECT, Planet Ark)

19 Bill H. R. 2774 in the US House of Representatives (CSP, US Congress. See also Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, 2007-06-19). This Bill includes sections promoting research and development of heat storage for CSP, transmission of CSP electricity throughout the US, and reducing the amount of water used by CSP plants.

19 Science hearing on solar power (CSP, The Gavel)

18 GreenVolts entering trial with northwest utility (CPV, Inside Greentech)

15 Solar plant not ready for commercial use, utilities say (CSP-PROJECT, Review Journal)

15 Ultraefficient photovoltaics (CPV, MIT Technology Review)

15 Infinia gets $9.5M in new venture funding (CSP, See also Infinia press release, 2007-06-14; Red Herring, 2007-06-15)

15 Future looks sunny for renewables (CSP, New Mexico Business Weekly)

14 China to construct high-voltage transmission system between Yunnan, Guangdong (HVDC, Electric Net)

13 Nevada Solar One (CSP-PROJECT, Technology News Daily)

12 TREC and Desertec-UK (Desertec, Physics to Go)

12 SCHOTT supplies 61% of Nevada Solar One's solar receivers (CSP, Renewable Energy Access. See also Presse Box, 2007-06-22)

10 Posing with a solar thermal power plant (CSP, Design News)

9 Energy COOL! Big time solar: around the corner? (CSP, Daily Kos. See also Truth and Progress, 2007-07-10)

9 Latest solar power developments (CSP, Enterprise Resilience Management Blog)

7 Solar Hydrogen Energy Corp teams up with the University of Victoria for Large Scale Solar Concentrator (CSP-PROCESS, press release from Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation)

7 Solar world: concentrating plant online (CSP-PROJECT, UPI Energy Watch. See also, 2007-06-07; Inside Greentech, 2007-06-07; CNET News, 2007-06-07;, 2007-06-08; Treehugger, 2007-06-09; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-06-07; Solar Daily, 2007-06-11; Dean Armstrong, 2007-06-10; Construction & Maintenance, 2007-06-11)

6 Federal grant for utility scale solar thermal (CSP, After Gutenberg)

5 Big solar's day in the sun (CSP, CNN Money)

4 Conversion course (HVDC, The Engineer)

4 Big solar: Stirling Energy Systems (CSP, Green Wombat)

4 “Nevada Solar One” parabolic trough power plant to go on line—receivers from Schott at the heart (CSP-PROJECT, Glass on Web. See also Environment News Service, 2007-06-04 (scroll down))

3 Solar thermal power: not forgotten (Desertec, Treehugger. See also Peak Energy, 2007-06-03). This article is based on and makes reference to Gerry Wolff's article in The Oil Drum (2007-05-31), itself reproduced from Power Engineer (2007-04-30).

3 Big Solar's day in the sun (CSP, CNN Money. See also Aperion - Developing The Future, 2007-06-05)

2 Grid expectations (HVDC,

2 Future energy (JPG, 193 KB, Member, Desertec, Mature Times). This is an article based on a letter submitted to Mature Times by Gerry Wolff. To enlarge the image, click the '+' with Firefox or the 'enlarge' button with Internet Explorer.

2 UK electricity grid goes Dutch (HVDC,

1 Siemens to supply converter stations for HVDC submarine cable link between the Netherlands and the UK – greater reliability and more competition in the network (HVDC, PR Domain. See also Electric Net, 2007-06-06)

1 “Nevada Solar One” parabolic trough power plant to go on line—receivers from SCHOTT at the heart (CSP-PROJECT, press release from SCHOTT AG)


31 Concentrating solar power (Desertec, Member, The Oil Drum). This is a republication of an article by Gerry Wolff, previously published in Power Engineer (2007-04-30).

31 The scrubbers, the sulphates and the sunshield solution (CSP, Green Futures, May/June 2007). This article contains a sections about CSP.

30 Concentrating solar power for energy security and climate protection (PDF, 2.9 MB, Member, Desertec, Imperial Engineer, Issue 6, Spring 2007, pages 14, 15 and 19). This is an article about the Desertec ideas by Neil Crumpton, a member of Desertec-UK.

30 The lazy environmentalist (JPG, 1.2 MB, Desertec, Member, Concept for Living, Issue 102, May 2007, p 69). This is an article about the Desertec ideas by Polly Higgins, a member of Desertec-UK. To enlarge the image, click the '+' with Firefox or the 'enlarge' button with Internet Explorer.

29 Concentrating solar power (CSP, Green Chip Stocks)

29 Nevada Solar One demonstrates scalability of solar thermal energy (CSP-PROJECT, Design News)

29 Grant powers VU project (CSP, Post-Tribune. See also Valparaiso University Board of Directors, 2007-05-29;, 2007-05-29)

25 Concentrating solar power funding opportunity announcement (CSP, EERE News. See also The Energy Blog, 2007-05-28; Renewable Energy Access, 2007-05-28)

25 More on concentrated solar power (Desertec, Great Green Gadgets)

24 WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. and Solargenix Energy, LLC sign strategic memorandum of understanding on sales and marketing efforts (CSP, press release from WorldWater & Power)

23 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in California (CSP, Leonardo Energy)

22 ABB to connect U.K. and Netherlands for $350 million (HVDC, See also Impeller Magazine, 2007-05-23; Power Online, 2007-05-25)

19 Solcar's solar thermal power plant Seville (CSP, Nigerian Infrastructure Development)

18 Siemens to supply two HVDC converter stations for Danish project (HVDC, ElectricNet)

17 Spain to get two thermo-solar stations (CSP-PROJECT, United Press International)

17 Astralian firm presents solar thermal storage concept (CSP, Treehugger)

16 Start-up Ausra thinks big with solar storage (CSP, CNET

16 Solar thermal projects mushroom in Spain (CSP, Technology for Life)

15 Sandia invention to make parabolic trough solar collector systems more energy efficient (CSP, press release from Sandia National Laboratories)

14 Iberdrola introduces 50 MW Solar electric thermal plant in Spain (CSP-PROJECT, Renewable Energy Magazine)

14 Underground and underwater power (HVDC, Engineer Live)

13 Iceland’s hot rocks may be power source for UK (HVDC, The Sunday Times). This report describes a project to transmit geothermal energy from Iceland to the UK and Germany via submarine HVDC cables, much as is envisaged in the TRANS-CSP report.

11 Solar power at half the cost (CPV, MIT Technology Review)

11 Shrinking the cost for solar power (CSP, CNET News. See also Peak Energy, 2007-05-14; ZDNet Asia, 2007-05-16)

10 Israel moves toward solar energy (CSP-PROJECT, Y Net News)

8 Solel announces major expansion of manufacturing capacity for green energy (CSP, press release from Solel)

7 Concentrated solar power—from deserts to the world (Desertec, There Blogging)

7 Lake Cargelligo chosen as solar energy project trial site (CSP, ABC News Online. See also Bombala Times, 2007-05-08). This is a report of trials in Australia of the idea of storing solar heat from a CSP plant in blocks of graphite.

5 High cost of capturing solar energy is diminishing (CSP, New Scientist)

4 MAN's Ferrostaal, Solar Millennium form solar power joint venture (CSP,

3 Big Dish snares $7m ray of sunshine (CSP-PROCESS, The Canberra Times). This is an interesting report about using mirror-concentrated sunlight to split ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen which can be stored indefinitely and recombined to create heat and generate electricity when required.

2 The most viable energy solution (Desertec, LullabyMan)

2 Power station harnesses Sun's rays (CSP-PROJECT, BBC News. See also Futuresheet, 2007-05-03; Critical Times, 2007-05-03; Free Republic, 2007-05-03; Boing Boing, 2007-05-03; Green Nuclear Butterfly Blog, 2007-05-03;, 2007-05-04; Engadget, 2007-05-04; Global Cool, 2007-05-05; Blue Vertical Studio, 2007-05-04; Solarati, 2007-05-05; Climate Action Brisbane, 2007-05-06; Gadget Road, 2007-05-07; Architecture MNP, 2007-05-07). The original TV report can be seen on YouTube (BBC News, 2007-05-03 22:00).

2 Making electricity with mirrors and the sun (Desertec, Stuttgart Regional News)

2 Large solar energy system gets funding (CSP-PROJECT, ABC News Online, Australia)

1 Thermal voltaic power (CSP, Eco World)


30 Bring me sunshine (PDF, 520 KB, Member, Desertec, Power Engineer. A slightly updated version of the article has been republished as Concentrating solar power in The Oil Drum, 2007-05-31). This is an article by Gerry Wolff in a magazine published by the UK Institution of Engineering Technology, formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and the main professional body in the UK for electrical power engineers. There is also an online version of this article, without pictures.

30 The compact linear Fresnel mirror system (CSP,

28 Concentrating on solar power (CSP, Larvatus Prodeo)

26 A fight over the future of solar (CSP, CNET News. See also The Huffington Post, 2007-04-29). Herman Scheer responds to points made earlier by Vinod Khosla about PV and CSP.

20 There are brighter ideas than nuclear (Member, Desertec, Utility Week). This is a JPEG copy of an article by Robert Palgrave, a member of Desertec-UK, contrasting nuclear power and its many shortcomings with CSP and its advantages. To enlarge the image, click the '+' with Firefox or the 'enlarge' button with Internet Explorer.

19 Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the European neighbourhood policy (Desertec, European Neighbourhood Conference, Berlin). This is a speech given by Sigmar Gabriel, German Federal Minister for the Environment. In the speech, he speaks very positively about the Desertec concept.

19 World Bank supports the production of renewable energy (CSP-PROJECT, press release from the World Bank). This is an announcement of support for the construction of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power (ISCCP) plant in Morocco.

16 Earth, wind & fire (CSP, ABC TV, Australia). This describes a TV programme about CSP and other renewable sources of energy including an interview with US venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

16 Solar electricity on a large scale linear Fresnel collectors for solar thermal power stations in a practice test (CSP, press release from the Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE)

16 Oil-rich UAE looks to the rays for revenue (CSP-PROJECT, Middle East Times. See also The Daily Star (Lebanon), 2007-04-17;, 2007-04-18)

14 Victorville 2 hybrid power project to undergo licensing review (CSP-PROJECT, Electric Net. See also Green Wombat, 2007-04-16)

13 Iran’s first solar power plant to become operational in 2010 (CSP-PROJECT, Mehr News)

11 "Scheer nonsense"—the damage idealistic environmentalists can do (CSP, The Huffington Post. See also CNET News, 2007-04-16). This is an interesting discussion by US venture capitalist Vinhod Khosla of issues relating to renewable energy, making a strong case for concentrating solar power.

9 In Spain and California solar thermal is hot (CSP, After Gutenberg)

6 Good news, bad news (CSP, Earthfamilyalpha)

3 Power tower reflects well on sunny Spain (CSP, Guardian Unlimited)

2 Botswana may build solar-geothermal power plant (CSP-PROJECT, Creamer Media's Engineering News)

2 Time to concentrate (CPV, Renewable Energy World)


30 First EU commercial concentrating solar power tower opens in Spain (CSP-PROJECT, Environment News Service. See also Technology for Life, 2007-04-02; Europe press releases, 2007-03-30; Green Prices, 2007-03-30; Coventry Green Voice, 2007-04-01; Sun Power, 2007-04-02; Netscape, 2007-03-30; European Business Guide, 2007-04-02;, 2007-04-02; Cordis News, 2007-04-02; People and Planet, 2007-04-02; Climate Ark, 2007-04-02; The Open Piehole, 2007-04-02; Energy Business Review, 2007-04-02; After Gutenberg, 2007-04-03; The Hindu, 2007-04-03; Green Consumer Guide, 2007-04-03; Guerrilla News Network, 2007-04-02; Guardian Unlimited, 2007-04-03; United Press International, 2007-04-03; Earth Times, 2007-04-03; Live Journal, 2007-04-05; earthfamilyalpha, 2007-04-06; The Malta Independent Online, 2007-04-08; Free, 2007-04-08; Green Prices, 2007-04-10; World Watch Institute, 2007-04-16; shehal, 2007-04-02)

29 Energy, natural resources and the environment (Desertec, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety). This is a transcript of speech given by Michael Müller, Parliamentary Secretary of State in the German government, at the European Conference "Integrating Environment, Development and Conflict Prevention". In the speech, he speaks very positively about the Desertec concept.

28 Sicily to build world's first solar power plant (CSP-PROJECT, The Independent. See also Italy Magazine, 2007-03-27). This report is the subject of a letter from Gerry Wolff in The Independent.

27 Deserting the age of oil (Desertec, Guerrilla News Network). This is a positive report with positive comments on Neil Crumpton's interview with Peter Tatchell (see the first entry for the 23rd of March, below).

27 Solel gets large new order for solar thermal receivers (CSP-PROJECT, Inside Greentech)

27 The European offshore supergrid: a vision for creating a more powerful Europe (HVDC, 12 Degrees of Freedom). This is an article by Dr Eddie O’Connor, CEO of Airtricity.

26 Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (Desertec, All Experts)

22 Special feature: Nevada Solar One (CSP-PROJECT, Renewable Energy Access. See also ZDNet, 2007-03-12; In Business Las Vegas, 2007-04-06; Sustainable Design Update, 2007-05-07)

23 Neil Crumpton of FoE is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on "Talking with Tatchell" (Member, Desertec, 18 Doughty This interview is on internet TV.

23 WOW Energies announces launch of new solar technology (CSP, Solar Information)

21 HVDC gains in popularity (HVDC, Engineer Live)

20 Energy from the desert (Member, Desertec, Positive News). This is an article based on a letter submitted to Positive News by Gerry Wolff.

20 Tracking the sun: concentrating solar power faces bright future (CSP-PROJECT, Renewable Energy Access)

18 The Masdar initiative (CSP, After Gutenberg)

18 Red tape dims $80m solar plan (CSP-PROJECT, Adelaide Now)

15 Delta develops assembly for concentrating solar cell receiver (CPV, Renewable Energy Access)

15 Abu Dhabi: turning to the sun in the land of oil (CSP-PROJECT, International Herald Tribune. See also Peak Energy, 2007-03-18)

15 Delta develops assembly for concentrating solar cell receiver (CPV, Renewable Energy Access)

14 Harnessing wind and sun (CSP-PROJECT, The Daily Telegraph, Australia. See also, 2007-03-14)

12 Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project (CSP-PROJECT, ZDNet. See also CNET, 2007-03-12; After Gutenberg, 2007-03-16; The Sietch Blog, 2007-03-24)

12 Sterling Energy Systems, Inc. (CSP, Nabloid Investing)

10 The power of the sun (CSP, Rainbow Boys)

10 Sopogy is solar power technology (CSP, Energy Smart News)

10 Solar thermal electric power plants (CSP, After Gutenberg)

9 Delta develops 35% efficiency concentrating solar cell receiver assembly (CPV, Semiconductor International)

9 World web of electricity charged up (HVDC, Carbon Free. See also Earth Toys, 2007-03-14)

9 Practical Instruments wins $4M in funding from DOE Solar America Initiative (SAI) (CPV, PR Inside. See also Whittier Daily News, 2007-03-13)

8 Can mirrors light up the world? (Desertec, Green Thinkers)

7 The Desertec concept (Member, Desertec, Energy Bulletin). This reproduces a notice sent out by Gerry Wolff about the TREC online campaign to make politicians aware of the importance of the 'Desertec' concept.

7 Sun cheaper than oil (Desertec, Franz Alt)

7 ABB wins EUR300m interconnector contract (HVDC, The Engineer Online)

6 LS Power plans innovative solar plant in Arizona (CSP-PROJECT, Reuters. See also Smart Power Blog, 2007-03-08)

6 Concentrating on solar power (CSP, News is a Conversation)

5 Trade and industry: solar power (CSP, They Work for You). Jon Trickett MP asked a question about concentrating solar power in the UK Parliament and Malcolm Wicks MP (Minister of State for Science and Innovation) gave a written answer.

5 Solar One is a "go" for launch (CSP-PROJECT, Business Press)

5 Concentrating solar power - cost effective today (CSP,

1 Independence from Middle East oil utilizing renewable energy (CSP, This blog contains quite a lot of information about CSP.


28 First commercial solar tower to start in Spain (CSP-PROJECT, The Energy Blog)

28 Hot technology series - Stirling energy systems (CSP,

27 Signature of a 3,000 MW strategic cooperation agreement with MAN and the Libyan Centre for Solar Research (CSP-PROJECT, press release from Solar Power Group)

25 Sustainable energy plans in motion (CSP,

23 Solar power from the desert rather than desert in Germany: renewable energy in a trans-European context (Desertec, The Solarserver). This is an excellent, informative article about the Desertec concepts.

22 Solar, not nuclear (Member, Desertec, Expatica, Belgium. See also Expatica, The Netherlands, 2007-03-07). This is an article based on a letter submitted to Expatica by Gerry Wolff.

21 Balloon technology could cut cost of solar energy 90% by 2010 (CPV,

21 Israel takes significant step towards becoming a solar-leader (CSP-PROJECT, Dominican Today. See also

20 You won’t need fuel anymore! (Desertec, BeingMoi blog)

20 Solar power - from the deserts (Desertec, dkFACTOR)

19 Analysis: Egypt tries concentrating solar (CSP-PROJECT, United Press International. See also M & G, 2007-02-19;, 2007-02-19; Middle East Times, 2007-02-20)

19 Saharan solar power (Desertec, EcoWorld)

16 German legislator: 1, Vinod Khosla: 0 (CSP, CNET See also Red Herring, 2007-02-16)

15 Shining a light on solar power (CSP, MSNBC)

15 De Britse krant The Guardian slaat de spijker op de kop! (CSP,

14 IAUS announces manufacturing breakthrough for affordable solar (CSP, PESWiki)

12 Breaking through in climate policy! (press release from the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU)). This report (PDF, 414 KB) includes proposals for a European supergrid linking to solar thermal power plants in North Africa (see electricity transmission grids).

12 Suncone uses CSP to generate power and purify water (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

8 Flannery should address solar-thermal power (CSP, Scoop Independent News, New Zealand. See also Mining Exploration, 2007-02-08)

7 World record solar (CPV, New Energy News)

7 Bright Source raises less than $50M for large solar power plants (CSP, Venture Beat)

7 Open Energy completes SunCone CSP engineering design (CSP and desalination of water, Yahoo Finance. See also Stock Guru Blog, 2007-02-07; Business Wire, 2007-02-07)

5 More funds, tax credits for solar wanted (CSP,

6 Kept in the dark (Member, CSP, The Guardian, Comment is Free). This article is by Katharine Hamnett.

4 Solar 1. Concentrated solar power, or CSP (CSP, The Fueling Station)

3 TEP part of utilities group eyeing major solar plant (CSP-PROJECT, The Arizona Daily Star. See also KVOA Tucson)

3 Green energy could go under water (HVDC, The Herald, Scotland)

1 Prominent Brazilian and Arabs win UN award. (Desertec, Brazil-Arab News Agency. Scroll down to Prince. See also Sports Features Communications)


31 US energy experts announce way to freeze global warming (CSP, press release from the American Solar Energy Society. See also; Science-and-Environment, 2007-02-15)

31 Talk by Vinod Khosla on "Solar Thermal Power" (CSP,

31 Masdar brings advanced solar technologies to Abu Dhabi (CSP-PROJECT, AME info)

30 Helio Dynamics (CSP, After Gutenberg)

30 Solar thermal for grid-scale power in Nevada (CSP,

29 Cloudy future for solar innovators (CSP, The Sydney Morning Herald)

26 We CAN have a solar Sydney by 2010 (CSP, Councillor Chris Harris, New South Wales)

25 Is nuclear power the answer? (Desertec, Edmund Rice Justice Bulletin)

25 Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in the desert (Desertec, Leonardo Energy)

24 Club of Rome: solar electricity unites North and South (Desertec, Glass on Web)

22 Old solar tech back in limelight (CSP, CNET

19 Is CSP the solution to global warming and climate change? (Desertec, Online Engineer, Hong Kong)

15 Hungary needs solar power plant, not nuclear (Member, Desertec, This is an article published on the strength of a letter sent by Gerry Wolff to

14 The heat is on (CSP, The Jerusalem Post)

10 Solar's outlook shines, but problems remain (CSP, Dow Jones Market Watch. See also Solar Cells Info, 2007-01-10)

10 A brighter future for Europe (Desertec, Planet2025). Scroll down to section on "Concrete project #1: CSP".

10 Concentrating solar power by Solucar Power (CSP, After Gutenberg. See also, 2007-01-11)

9 Abengoa creates solar energy subsidiary in U.S. (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

8 Trade and industry: carbon-free energy (HVDC, They Work for You). Howard Stoate MP asked a question about the proposed European supergrid in the UK Parliament and Malcolm Wicks MP (Minister of State for Science and Innovation) gave an answer which is reproduced in this report.

7 An article about CSP and the TREC ideas has been published in a newspaper that appears to be in South Korea. If you are able and willing to translate this article, please get in touch.

6, 8, 9 Ten questions for SCHOTT about solar thermal electricity (CSP, The Sietch Blog):

5 Algiers, Algeria: Abener signs contract for solar thermal electric - combined cycle hybrid plant (CSP-PROJECT, Solarbuzz)

1 'New thinking' needed for Australia's future water, power and clean air needs - Acquasol (CSP, ACN Newswire)



19 Solar energy park proposed (CSP-PROJECT,

17 Solar energy to illumine 400 villages (Desertec, CSP-PROJECT, The News. See also Pakistan Times, 2006-12-27) Both versions of this story quotes figures for HVDC transmission losses which are too high and I have written a letter to both papers to correct this point.

12 Botswana: mirrors in the desert (Desertec,

12 First power link between baltic states and Finland inaugurated (HVDC, ElectricNet)

7 The energy crisis and its politics: a moment of hope (Desertec, Soundings Magazine)

7 Spain capitalizes on new solar technology (CSP-PROJECT, InTech)

7 They do it with mirrors: concentrating solar power (CSP, EE/RE Investing)

5 Light brigade (CSP, Denver Post)

5 New world record achieved in solar cell technology (CPV, News Blaze. See also WebWire, 2006-12-06; Semiconductor Today, 2006-12-06;, 2006-12-08)

5 African solar farms to solve energy crisis? (Desertec, Green Business News)

5 Sun reigns on Spain's plains (CSP, Wall Street Journal)


29 Solar energy in Egypt (CSP-PROJECT, Eco World)

27 Could we keep the lights on in Europe by filling North Africa's deserts with mirrors? (Member, Desertec, BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight). Click the title to listen to the whole programme with the free Real Player. To skip directly to the interview with Dr Gerhard Knies (Coordinator of TREC), move the slider to 24 minutes into the programme. There is also an MP3 version that can be played on the free iTunes 7 player. And there is a PDF transcript of the interview (see also The Solarserver, 2006-12-05; Franz Alt, 2006-12-05).

27 How mirrors can light up the world (Desertec, Guardian newspaper and Guardian Unlimited. See also Taipei Times, 2006-11-30; The Hindu, 2006-11-27;, 2006-11-29, scroll down to "Staring us in the face"; The Lazy Environmentalist, 2006-11-28; The Progress Report, 2007-01-02; Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa, 2007-01-10;, 2007-01-10; Clipmarks, 2007-01-24; EvoEnergy, 2007-03-13; Environment Meetup, 2006-11-30):

24 Open Energy and Infinia to develop solar powered Stirling engine (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

21 Jordan seeks to trade sun for energy technology (Desertec, Jordan Times)

21 Deserts offer cheap source of energy (Desertec, The Scotsman)

16 The power plants of the future (CSP, Glass on Web)

15 The TRANS-CSP report - a sustainable power scenario for EUROMENA (Desertec, BSR News)

15 Study suggests Europe could be powered by renewable energy by 2050 (Desertec, Green Clippings)

14 Integrating wind energy into the European power network (HVDC, Renewable Energy Access)

13 Open Energy Corporation signs agreement with Infinia to develop a Suncone/Stirling solar electric power system (CSP, Business Wire. See also Inside Greentech, 2006-11-13)

13 Coal: could be the end of the line (CSP, Business Week)

10 Schott to manufacture solar receivers in Spain soon (CSP, Innovations Report. See also Renewable Energy Access, 2006-11-13; Glass on Web, 2006-11-21)

9 Cheap, superefficient solar (CPV, MIT Technology Review)

7 Solar world: another step for solel (CSP-PROJECT, United Press International. See also World Peace Herald, 2006-11-12)

3 Reflecting the future (CSP, In Business Las Vegas)

1 Desert solar power can help Europe meet electricity needs, while cutting in CO2 emissions by 70% within 2050! (Desertec, ecofriend)

1 Study highlights solar-energy benefits, challenges for developing countries (CSP, Engineering News)

1 Scientists detail desert solar power (Desertec, United Press International. See also Science & Technology, 2006-11-01)


27 Analysis: deserts may yield Europe's power (Desertec, United Press International)

26 Energy from deserts could supply Europe (Desertec, SciDev.Net). This report gives figures for transmission losses that are far too high. Transmission losses for HVDC transmission lines are about 3% per 1000 km (plus small losses in AC/DC conversion), not 10-15% as stated in the report.

25 World-leading mega scale solar power station for Victoria (CPV, CSP-PROJECT, press release from Solar Systems, Australia. See also Backing a long shot, The Australian, 2006-10-26; Australians fight fear of power crisis with giant solar site, The Guardian, 2006-10-26; Australia advances with solar power, The Times, 2006-10-26; Australia plans major solar plant, BBC Online, 2006-10-25; Australia to build 154 MW solar energy plant, Renewable Energy Access, 2006-11-01)

17 Concentrated solar power heats up (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

16 Club of Rome: German politicians claim "clean power from the deserts" (Desertec, Solarserver)

13 Analysis: Spain leads grid-connected solar power (CSP,

6 World Bank invests in Mexico solar; buys India CO2 cuts (CSP-PROJECT, Reuters India. See also 49.35 mln dollar solar thermal energy Mexico,, 2006-10-10)

5 Generating goodwill for power plants (CSP, letter in EnergyBiz Online. Scroll down to see the letter)


27 SCHOTT opens new solar receiver production facility (CSP, Renewable Energy Access. See also SCHOTT inaugurates manufacturing of solar receivers, PR Newswire, 2006-09-29. And see Solar world: another German firm jumps in, Semiconductor International, 2006-09-28)

26 Report proposes importing solar energy from Africa (Desertec, The Peakist). This reproduces the text of a Desertec-UK press release.

24 Report proposes importing solar energy from Africa (Desertec, The Peakist)

5 Hi-temp thermo-chemical cycles to split water at solar thermal towers as a key to solve world energy & ecological problems by artificial fuels (CSP, Haika)

5 SA mulls cost and benefits of mega solar project (CSP-PROJECT, Mining Weekly. See also EcoWorld)

5 Solar thermal power (CSP, EcoWorld)


25 Here comes the sun (CSP, ITP Business)

25 Ready? Charge! Surviving the day after tomorrow (Desertec, SchNEWS). This article contains a paragraph about CSP and a link to the Desertec-UK website.

18 Concentrating solar power ready to replace fossil fuels, say Colorado ratepayers (CSP, press release from Ratepayers United of Colorado. See also Colorado ratepayers call for solar power incentives, Renewable Energy Access, 2006-08-24)

15 New report shows how Europe can make deep cuts in CO2 emissions and phase out nuclear power at the same time (Desertec,

11 The latest in power plants (CSP, Living on Earth)

11 PG&E vows fivefold increase in solar use (CSP, The Mercury News. Also available is the original press release dated the 10th of August. See also Solar World: PG&E makes another solar move, UPI Energy Watch)

6 Global electric ‘power highways’ could become a force for peace (HVDC, Engineer Live)

6 Large scale solar power plants adding to global energy needs (CSP, Engineer Live)


27 Announcement of the launch, by Abu Dhabi, of the Masdar Research Network, including the German Aerospace Center and its research on solar thermal power (Desertec, Columbia Earth Institute News)

20 Mirrors to produce energy in Tavira (CSP-PROJECT, The Resident, Algarve)

17 All energy for Europe could come from concentrating solar power (Desertec, Renewable Energy Access)

12 Concentrated sunlight 'could drive turbine' (Desertec, Green Building Press)

5 Germany: Europe should use solar thermal (Desertec, United Press International)

5 Report urges solar power action (Desertec, Energy Saving Trust Daily News)

5 Report: "Replace nuclear power with solar thermal" (Desertec, World Peace Herald)

4 New solar power much cheaper than oil, says report (Desertec, Breaking


30 Sunny Spain to host Europe's first large solar thermal plant (CSP-PROJECT, Environment News Service. See also Littlecon, 2007-04-10)

26 Water expert: desalination or displacement for Sana’a residents (Desertec, Yemen Times)

24 Dubai Techno Park to host a Dh50m facility (CSP, Khaleej Times)

23 Site with a solar energy focus (CSP, Carbon Free News)

14 Club of Rome wants deserts to become source of renewable energy (Desertec, reFOCUS renewable energy magazine)

4 Solar power plant project for North [China] (CSP-PROJECT, Peoples Daily Online)


8 Airtricity unveils European offshore supergrid (HVDC, Greenjobs)


22 Solar powered thermal parabolic trough power plant dedicated (CSP-PROJECT, The Chief Engineer)


2 Mirrored sunshine (CSP, Renewable Energy World)


14 Israeli solar startup shines (CSP, Business Week online)

11 A new chapter begins for concentrated solar power (CSP, Renewable Energy Access)

9 IAUS inks $150 million deal for its new breakthrough solar technology (CSP-PROJECT, Utah Business)

10 Solar thermal power coming of age (CSP, MSNBC Reuters)


1 Solar energy could provide 8,000+ MW of capacity in Western States by 2015 (CSP, Nuclear Information and Resource Service)



15 Huge solar plants bloom in desert (CSP-PROJECT, Wired News. See also BP Live Earth blog, 2007-03-18)

10 Harnessing solar heat (CSP, Green Futures)


21 Largest solar electric power plant project in the world in 14 years (CSP-PROJECT, Solargenix press release. See also Renewable Energy Access, 2005-09-23)

12 Power from the sunbaked desert (CSP, Business Week)


9 Major new solar energy project announced by Southern California Edison and Stirling Energy Systems, Inc.(CSP-PROJECT, Edison International press release)



10 Power of the midday sun (CSP, New Scientist)

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