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Here are links to web pages containing news of TREC, the Desertec proposals, CSP or HVDC (or any combination of those things). On other pages, there is related news and an archive of news reports about TREC. News from 2008 and earlier years can be found via the 2008 news page.

News about specific CSP plants and projects can be seen on Google Earth via a link from our resources page. Non-English articles can be translated with Google Translate.

  • Desertec: Reports which make specific mention of TREC or the Desertec proposals.
  • CSP: Reports with a focus on CSP.
  • CSP-PROJECT: News of specific CSP projects.
  • HVDC: Reports with a focus on large-scale HVDC transmission grids or the creation of a Europe-wide or EUMENA-wide single market for electricity, or both..
  • CSP-PROCESS: The use of solar heat or electricity from CSP plants to power industrial processes, including the synthesis of fuels.
  • CPV: Reports about the use of PV in conjunction with the concentrating technique.
  • PV: Reports about the large-scale use of PV in desert regions.
  • M denotes a contribution to the media by a member of TREC or Desertec-UK.


Area Title Source See also M
31 Desertec Max Schoen part1 Desertec - World Commons Forum 2009 Video AOL    
31 Desertec 光热发电 撒哈拉拯救世界? JRJ.com    
30 CSP Are Engines the Future of Solar Power? Scientific American    
30 Desertec Desertec studies: MED-CSP Odjo    
29 Desertec MENA has a lot of solar energy Biofuels Watch    
29 CSP Solar Could Generate 15% of Power by 2020, If US Ends Fossil Fuel Subsidies Solve Climate    
29 Desertec Insurer invests in Solar Power, calls for fast action on Climate Change IndyBay    
28 CSP Q&A with a CEO on the Front Lines of Solar Power Daily Finance    
28 CSP Middle East/Med Region Could Solar Power World 3 Times Over Green Prophet Khaleej Times  
27 CSP Acciona obtains a preallocation of 1100 MW for renewables in Spain REVE    
23 CSP SolarReserve & NV Energy Sign 100-MW CSP Deal Renewable Energy World    
23 CSP The "Holy Grail for Renewable Energy": Solar Power Makes Electricity Day and Night Treehugger    
23 CSP Surfing a wave of Californian sunshine as America looks for renewable future Times Online    
22 CSP Utility solar project adds molten salt for storage CNET    
21 CSP-PROJECT Project Focus: Bechtel Construction signs agreement for 440MW facility PV-Tech    
21 CSP Australian Solar Institute Issues $11 Million In Grants Energy Matters Global Times  
21 CSP-PROJECT Pune to soon get a Rs 15-cr solar thermal power plant Times of India DNA India  
18 HVDC Gulf Unveils Multi-Country Shared Energy System Going Global  
18 CSP Thermal storage in the US: Soon to be a given CSP Today  
18 Desertec Can EU renewable energy imports deliver 2020 targets? CSP Today  
17 CSP “泛亚洲能源网络”畅想 Oil China  
17 Desertec Energy COOL: A Powerful Renewable Vision Get Energy Smart! NOW!  
16 Desertec Desertec debate Parts III & IV: Finance and Insurance Agrion  
16 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa Solar enters thirteen solar plants in the pre-allocation registry for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in Spain REVE  
15 CPV CPV Reaches for More Sunlight PV Society  
15 CSP UPDATE:Spain Puts 9 GW In Projects On Renewables Pre-registry Wall Street Journal  
14 Desertec VIDEO: Gerhard Knies on deserts as energy source Ted Amsterdam    
14 CSP-PROJECT eSolar’s Sierra SunTower Named Renewable Project of the Year Earth Times    
14 Desertec Desertec debate Part II: Technical Aspects Agrion    
14 CSP Sopogy Inaugurates 2-MW Micro CSP Plant Renewable Energy World    
14 CSP Solar power could create 100,000 jobs in Mideast Arabian Business AME Info  
13 CSP-PROJECT India's first grid-connected solar power plant generates 3 lakh units news Domain B  
12 Desertec Relooking Solar Power and Desertec, and Thank You Dr. Gerry Wolf. DysFunctional Wisdom  
11 CSP Australian CSP: A sleeping goliath? CSP Today  
11 CSP-PROJECT New solar energy technology comes on line in Hawaii Cooler Planet Cooler Planet  
11 CSP Straight down the line: New linear tower tech in store for CSP sector CSP Today  
11 CSP Carving costs with single-tank thermal storage CSP Today  
10 HVDC New power device could help meet UK renewable targets Your Renewable News  
10 CSP Real Solar Breakthrough Could Clean Panels With Less Water Clean Technica    
10 HVDC UK-Dutch power interconnector 'BritNed' gets EUR300m EIB loan Power Engineering New Civil Engineer, Recharge  
10 Desertec Tunesiens langer Weg zum Solar-Musterland Zeit Online  
10 Desertec Weltbank schiebt Mega-Solarprojekt an 5,5 Milliarden Dollar für ein Gigawatt Strom PresseText Clean Tech Brief, TreeHugger, Green Beat, World Bank, Tunisia Online, Renewable Energy World  
10 HVDC EIB To Invest €300M in Offshore Transmission Renewable Energy World  
9 HVDC EU cash for UK clean energy plans The Independent  
7 CSP Number crunching: Can statistics reveal the future of US renewable energy policy? CSP Today  
7 CSP-PROJECT Locals to Get a Bus Tour of Proposed Abengoa Mojave Desert Solar Thermal Project Clean Technica  
6 Desertec The 40-year project to tap the sunlight of North Africa Independent  
4 CSP Towers versus troughs? CSP Today  
4 CSP Power hungry: India is on a solar mission CSP Today  
3 CSP Why Doesn't Egypt Go the Solar Energy Way? Shaqeeq  
3 Desertec Desertec planning to power Europe with Africa sunlight The Peninsula (Qatar)  
3 Desertec Can Saharan Solar Power Save Europe? Das Spiegel  
2 CSP-PROJECT E.ON buys into Abengoa thermal solar plants    
2 CSP Google May Build Green-Tech Power Plants Wired  
2 CSP Utility-scale Solar Power Renewable Energy World  
2 Desertec Desertec aims to power Europe with Africa sunlight The Africa Report  
1 CSP India’s Solar Strategy Announced Get Solar  
1 Desertec Energy from a Thousand Suns Solarpeq  
1 CSP-PROJECT New Partnership Announced to Develop Concentrated Solar Power Plants Solar Thermal Magazine  
1 CSP South Africa receives major boost to renewables and efficiency efforts Energy Efficiency News  
1 CSP Solar Farm For Western Australia Announced Energy Matters  
1 CPV Eyeing UP The Competition: Concentrating PV Comes into Focus Renewable Energy World  


Area Title Source See also M
30 CSP Renewable-energy champion would do SA power of good Business Day  
30 Desertec Commerzbank Aims to Be Part of EU400 Billion ‘Desertec’ Project Bloomberg  
29 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa and E.ON team up to build two 50 MW CSP in Spain Reve  
27 CSP Solar Energy Forecast Modelling: The crystal ball of DNI CSP Today  
27 CSP CSP policy: Not always the right FiT CSP Today  
27 CSP Sun, steam and stone: Elemental for dispatchable generation CSP Today  
27 Desertec Desertec Australia founder unveils pan-Asian transmission infrastructure proposals NewNet  
26 CSP-PROJECT Northern Thailand anticipates benefits from solar project EcoSeed  
26 Desertec Tunisia adheres to “Desertec” project Global Energy Network Institute  
26 CSP Ambitious Solar Plans Unveiled by India Renewable Energy World  
26 Desertec Sahara Power for African and European sockets Radio Nederland  
26 Desertec Significance of Desertec concept towards renewable energy Renewable Power News  
25 CSP World Bank funds half-million for renewable energy and efficiency in South Africa Renewable Energy Focus  
24 CSP-PROJECT Masdar, ISFOC to carry out solar technology feasibility study at Masdar City al-Bawaba  
24 CSP EIB, ADB in $660m Pakistan clean energy partnership Reuters  
24 Desertec Tunisia adheres to “Desertec” project Tunisia Online News  
23 CSP Hedging bets: Why the utilities can’t afford to ignore CSP CSP Today  
23 CSP-PROJECT US government looks east to develop concentrating solar power Renewable Energy Magazine  
23 Desertec Algeria to build $100m solar factory as Desertec beckons ReCharge  
23 Desertec Algeria to build $100m solar factory as Desertec beckons Nemdil  
23 Desertec Algeria says to open solar panel factory Reuters  
23 CSP Solar power technology takes its next step BBC News  
20 CSP Is South Africa's CSP market poised to take flight? CSP Today  
20 Desertec Desertec solar power plan should benefit North Africa Middle East Economic Digest  
17 CSP-PROJECT Spanish solar project that works in the dark basks in EU funding Business Green  
17 CSP-PROJECT USA to support CSP in Jordan Renewable Energy Focus  
17 CSP Bahrain Runs Out of Hydrocarbons and Goes Looking for Solar Metal Miner  
17 Desertec Made in Germany | Desertec – Electricity from the Desert for Europe (video) AOL Video  
17 CSP Dry-cooling Challenges Notion of Water Intensity for Desert Solar Environmental Leader  
17 Desertec There's nothing like the sun. By far DNA India  
13 CSP Why the heavyweights aren't getting behind CSP CSP Today  
12 CSP Spanish Minister of Industry Puts Andasol 3 & Ibersol In Line for FIT Renewable Energy World  
10 CSP Solar power’s prospects rise in the east The Peninsula - Qatar  
9 CSP CSP Is Here to Stay: Roundtable Discussion (video) Renewable Energy World  
9 CSP Video: Concentrating Solar Power is Here to Stay Renewable Energy World  
9 CSP Balance of power The Engineer  
9 CSP Germany and Morocco to Talk Concentrated Solar Power Solar Feeds  
8 CSP Arab world's future is with solar energy Gulf News  
6 Desertec Desertec Advances One Step Further BlogActiv EU  
6 Desertec North African sun to power Europe Energy Measures  
6 CSP Germany to Help Develop Moroccan Solar-Thermal Energy Projects Bloomberg  
6 CSP Gavin Brown: Get a supergrid Geelong Advertiser  
6 Desertec Farming light to power tomorrow’s world Big on Sandbank  
6 CSP Molten salt: The magic ingredient? CSP Today  
5 CSP-PROJECT BrightSource 400MW solar thermal plant reaches milestone Recharge  
5 Desertec Will the Sahara one day power Europe? Power and Energy  
5 Desertec JV formed to develop Desertec plan Environmental Finance  
4 CSP-PROJECT The U.S. Army's New Solar Power Plant Green Chip Stocks  
4 CSP Solar energy system in California desert uses melted salt Cooler Planet  
4 Desertec Desertec Is Taking Shape With 12 Companies Joining Consortium Clean Techies  
3 Desertec Sahara could provide up to 15% of Europe’s energy New Energy Focus  
2 Desertec Scaling up Saharan solar Discovery  
2 CPV Taking a Tip from Floor Tiles: Solarmation Makes Concentrating Solar More Modular Earth2Tech  
2 Desertec Desertec $555 Billion Renewable Energy Project Moving Forward CleanTechnica  
2 CSP Dry Cooling for Consentrated Solar Power a Must in Desert Climates Cooler Planet  
2 Desertec Book Review: Sustainable Energy -– Without the Hot Air, by David JC MacKay Clean Techies  
2 Desertec Concentrated solar power from Sahara a step closer Climate Progress  
2 Desertec Sahara Sun 'to help power Europe' BBC News  
2 Desertec Giant MENA solar project takes next step Utilities ME  
2 CSP Critique of ‘A path to sustainable energy by 2030′ Energy Collective  
2 Desertec Ginormous Sahara Solar Power Project to Produce First Electricity in 2015 TreeHugger  
2 Desertec Emerging CSP Markets: Banking on the Middle East and North Africa CSP Today  
1 CSP The must-read solutions book — “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” by Al Gore Energy Collective  
1 Desertec Solar power from Sahara a step closer Guardian  



Area Title Source See also M
31 CSP-PROJECT Solar mirror plant opens near Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh Tribune    
31 CSP South Africa’s Move to Solar Power Threatened By Eskom’s Problems Eco-Worldly    
31 Desertec Desert Power: Consortium to Develop Sustainable, Climate-Friendly Energy NewsBlaze PV Tech, Utilities ME M
31 Desertec Desertec establishes joint venture AAP Yahoo The Bull, BBC, TreeHugger, CleanTechnica, Sustainablog,  
30 CSP Italy set to relaunch solar mirror power sector Reuters    
30 CSP Direct steam generation: Streamlining parabolic trough plants CSP Today    
29 Desertec Deserts vs Roofs, Round 2 Uncharted Territory    
28 Desertec What is Desertec? Envi-web    
28 Desertec A pan-hemispheric energy infrastructure Science Alert    
27 Desertec

Gerhard Knies - TEDx Amsterdam

(video of talk to be posted eventually on this site)

TEDx Amsterdam    
26 CSP The Question of Sun and Water New Energy News    
26 Desertec Solar superpower: Should Europe run on Sahara sun? New Scientist    
26 Desertec Desertec aims to use the Sahara to harness power Future Conscience    
26 Desertec How to catch the Sahara's sun for Europe New Scientist    
25 CSP-PROJECT America's (newest) largest solar plant set to go live in Florida Engadget    
24 CSP S.D. solar company tests floating panels for power Sign On San Diego Renewbl  
24 CSP The Right Climate for Green Energy in Africa Huffington Post    
22 Desertec Европа покупает Солнце Chas Daily    
22 HVDC Connecting renewable energy to the grid ABB    
22 CSP-PROJECT Ausra Reflectors To Power 100 MW Solar Thermal Plant in Jordan Green Prophet Middle East North Africa Financial Network  
22 CSP-PROJECT Citigroup & Deutsche Bank To Finance Solar Millennium CSP Projects Renewable Energy World    
21 CSP 2050 - What Would European Society Look Like? eGov    
19 CSP Utilities Take a Shine to Solar Power Renewable Energy World    
18 CSP TCASE 4: Energy system build rates and material inputs Brave New Climate    
18 CSP Beyond Zero's Matthew Wright and Scott Bilby talk to Greg Glatzmaier, senior engineer at the USA's National Renewable Energy Laboratory about the latest storage and heat transfer fluid technologies for solar thermal power plants. (podcast) Beyond Zero Emissions    
17 CSP 7 African Countries to Get Utility-Scale Solar? Clean Technica    
16 Desertec OPEC opposes carbon taxes: Algeria oil minister Engineering News    
16 Desertec Germany's Coming Energy Revolution Business Week    
16 CSP Siemens acquires Israel’s Solel Solar Systems PV-Tech

Wall Street Journal, Cleantechies, GreenTechMedia, FT,

15 Desertec World's largest solar energy project planned for Africa desert Daily Telegraph    
15 Desertec Desertec: sustainable solution or a pipe dream Mail and Guardian Online    
15 Desertec Desertec Pt.2: What About Africa Below The Desert? Blessed Sun    
15 CSP-PROJECT U.S. Army Selects ACCIONA Solar Power to Develop Its Largest-Ever Renewables Project Reuters    
15 CSP-PROJECT U.S. Army to build 500 MW solar power plant Reuters Energy Matters, Global Solar  
14 Desertec Germany Getting Greener Islam Online    
14 Desertec Cleantech investments experiencing strong growth Engineering News    
14 CSP AfDB Organizes Workshop on Concentrated Solar Power in Tunis All Africa    
13 CSP-PROJECT Green scene for sunny Arizona & Florida: imminent solar horizon Examiner    
13 HVDC Plan connects U.S. grids to transport solar, wind CNET    
13 CSP European Renewable Energy Directive: a golden opportunity for the Spanish concentrating solar power sector Renewable Energy Magazine    
13 CSP-PROJECT A 1GW PV and Solar Thermal Plant for the DOD GreenTechMedia    
12 CSP eSolar Expands Solar Mission to South Africa Mpelembe Network Solar Thermal Magazine, Reuters  
12 CSP SRNL gets share of $87M for solar projects Aiken Standard    
12 Desertec A major step toward energy future – the initiative was launched Desertec Everyday Science    
12 CSP SAfrica's Eskom sees solar key in future power supply Reuters Solve Climate, Engineering News  
11 Desertec Desert Fuel Business Today Egypt    
11 Desertec A group of European businesses plans to launch the world's most ambitious solar energy project -- in North Africa. Genesis Morocco    
11 HVDC Tunisia integrates electricity network between Europe and North Africa Global Arab Network    
11 CSP-PROJECT ACME to set up solar power project in state Steel Guru    
10 Desertec African sun may soon power Europe Wild Singapore    
10 CSP-PROJECT Jordan firm gets US funding for solar project Trade Arabia    
10 CSP With green power comes great responsibility Business Day    
10 CSP New Funding Awarded for Solar Thermal R&D Solar Thermal Magazine    
10 Desertec Tunisie - Tout savoir sur Desertec, le méga projet d’énergie solaire à 400 milliards d'euros Business News (Tunisia)    
9 CSP Solar thermal company eSolar expands in Africa Reuters    
9 CSP Rich countries must pay towards climate plans Times Live    
8 Desertec Desert power project has 40-year lead-in NZ Herald    
7 CSP-PROJECT TEP commits to buy power from two solar systems, electrifying 6K homes Explorer News    
6 HVDC Achieving the best options for electricity distribution Science Alert    
6 Desertec Desertec Pt. 1: Is solar turning geopolitical? Blessed Sun    
6 HVDC UK, Norway Elec Network Cos To Study Subsea Pwr Link Wall Street Journal    
5 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa Solar Building CSP Plant At Cameo Coal Plant Solar Industry    
4 CSP-PROJECT Solar to join up with coal power station Sydney Morning Herald    
4 CSP Solar tower technology with storage provides baseload or dispatchable power Beyond Zero Emissions    
3 CSP Experts selected for Concentrated Solar Power project feasibility study Zawya    
2 Desertec New government - outdated energy policy? Tillman's Blogging    
2 CSP-PROJECT 290-MW CSP Project for APS Terminated Renewable Energy World    
2 CSP CPS has dropped the ball on alternatives to nuclear My San Antonio    
1 CSP-PROJECT Ausra To Provide Boilers for 100-MW CSP Project in Jordan Renewable Energy World PR Newswire  
1 Desertec Desert Fuel Business Today Egypt    
1 Desertec Business preparing to bet billions on thermal solar energy UNCCD    
1 CSP The Key to Unlocking Efficient Solar Thermal Energy: Collaboration and Research Renewable Energy World    


Area Title Source See also M
30 HVDC Tunisia: Better Connected Zawwya    
30 Desertec Desertec lines up partners for massive solar project Deutsche Welle    
30 CSP Solar Energy on Public Lands Faces More Opposition Cooler Planet    
30 CSP Solar Parabolic Trough CSP Plant with Bell Energy Storage Technology (BEST) System Solar Thermal Magazine    
29 HVDC European bank loans €300 million to Ireland-Wales link project New Energy Focus    
29 CSP Alternative Energy Projects Stumble on a Need for Water New York Times    
28 HVDC Irish wind projects land €500m loan Business Green    
28 HVDC Building a Smarter Grid: Renewable Energy Transmission Technologies (podcast) Transmission and Distribution World    
23 CSP-PROJECT The Solucar solar power plant in Sanlucar la Mayor near Seville, Spain Telegraph    
20 Desertec The European Parliament supported the Desertec initiative EU Inside    
18 CSP Report: Future Bright for Solar Thermal New York Times    
18 Desertec MEPs call for beefed-up energy security policy EurActiv EU Inside  
18 CSP TEP To Purchase 25-MW of PV, 5-MW of CSP Renewable Energy World    
17 HVDC China On Pace To Become World’s Largest Wind Power Market Impact Lab    
17 Desertec MEPs debate Caspian gas and Saharan solar energy Penki News    
16 HVDC BritNed begins laying UK-Netherlands marine electricity cable Power Engineering    
10 CSP The Sun or the Atom The Energy Collective    
9 CSP Google plans contribution to solar energy technology Cooler Planet    
9 CSP-PROJECT Blue sky thinking? Utilities.ME    
8 PV U.S. Company and China Plan Solar Project NY Times    
8 CSP-PROJECT U.S. Company and China Plan Solar Project New York Times    
8 CPV Concentrator PV: Harvesting more, Spending less Renewable Energy World    
7 Desertec Munich Re may insure Desertec solar energy project Gippslands Friends of Future Generations Newsday  
3 CSP Google's Proposal for reducing U.S. dependence on fossil fuels REVE    
3 CSP Tower Automotive to supply Stirling SunCatcher mirror facets Renewable Energy World    
2 CSP How Much Surface Area Would It Take to Power the World Completely With Solar or Wind? Fast Company    
1 CSP-PROJECT Fluor building solar-thermal blueprints for eSolar to license globally      
1 CSP Storing Solar Energy with CSP Renewable Energy World    
1 CSP Solar Energy National Geographic    



Area Title Source See also M
31 CSP The Holy Grail of clean energy economy is in sight: Affordable storage for wind and solar Climate Progress    
31 CSP Arab Oil and Renewable Energy Middle East Online    
30 CSP-PROJECT APS Announces New Solar Power Plant, Among World’s Largest Arizona Education    
29 Desertec Easy solar energy: Is the writing on the wall for fossil fuel? Arab News    
28 CSP Algeria To Explore Solar Power With New Plant All Headline News    
28 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa Solar to build the first Solar Thermal installation integrated with a Coal Plant owned by Xcel Energy EV Wind    
28 CSP-PROJECT SRP will build major solar facility in southern Peoria Your West Valley    
28 Desertec Algeria To Explore Solar Power With New Plant All Headline News    
27 CSP-PROJECT First-of-its-kind solar operation going up next to Cameo plant GJ Sentinel Denver Business Journal  
27 Desertec Desertec: The Project, The Problems & The Pipe Dream Somar    
27 CSP Fluor Wins Contract for 46-MW eSolar CSP Plant Renewable Energy World    
27 Desertec Will ever Sahara sun power EU homes? New Effort by Desertec to work with the North Africa – Middle East desert area. Hermann Scherr thinks it will never happen for political reasons. Sustainabilitank    
27 Desertec Hello sunshine Prospect    
26 Desertec Desertec Solar Power Project Gains Steam, Critics Triple Pundit    
26 CSP Tapping into renewable energy Gulf Weekly    
25 Desertec Outsourcing food and energy production – boon or curse? The Independent Uganda    
25 Desertec The Big Question: Should Africa be generating much of Europe's power? The Independent on Sunday    
25 Desertec Neo-colonialism at its Best Liberian Observer    
24 Desertec Project to Power Europe With Sahara Sun Gains Momentum NY Times    
24 CSP Chevron building solar-steam plant Planet Ark NY Times  
24 Desertec Sahara Europe solar power project gathers pace The National    
24 Desertec FACTBOX-CSP and photovoltaic solar power Reuters India    
23 Desertec Europe's Saharan power plan: miracle or mirage? Reuters    
21 CSP-PROJECT CPUC approves PPAs between PG&E, BrightSource for electricity from solar thermal plants PV Tech    
21 CSP Schott Solar scraps earnings goal, remains committed to listing Bloomberg    
20 CSP HelioFocus harnesses the power of wind and sun for electricity Green Beat    
20 CSP FACTBOX - Australia's renewable energy sector Reuters    
18 CSP A Mighty Hot Wind for Solar Greentech    
19 CSP-PROJECT Ambitious Solar Project to Use Recycled City Wastewater World Changing    
19 CPV OPEL International and BETASOL Celebrate Phase Two Completion of One of World's First Commercial HCPV Power Installations Solar Energy News    
18 CSP-PROJECT First Solar to roll out power plants for Southern California Edison Phoenix Business Journal GreenTech Solar  
18 Desertec A Sahara-sized power source Financial Times    
17 CSP German firms create new U.S. solar thermal company Reuters MarketWatch  
17 CSP Something New Under the Sun: Solar in the Sahara Reuters    
17 CSP New US solar thermal venture launched Renewable Energy World    
16 CSP The cost of building a solar powered economy Las Vegas Sun    
14 CSP-PROJECT UK solar company Sunstroom plans 50MW plant in Spain PV Tech CleanTech, Power Engineering  
13 Desertec IN-DEPTH: Desertec Industrial Initiative in need of government support CSP Today    
13 CSP E.ON reveals solar ambitions as six month results remain stable New Energy Focus    
13 CSP-PROJECT Sunstroom to build 50-MW solar thermal plant Renewable Energy World    
12 CSP For Solar Power Plants, the Boring Stuff Can Be the Sticking Point Earth2Tech  
11 CSP Driving Down the Cost of Solar Thermal Technology Solar Power Buzz    
10 CSP Development update from Stirling Energy & Tessera Solar Renewable Energy World CSP Today  
10 CSP eSolar flicks switch on first US solar tower Business Green Renewable Energy World, CNN , GOOD, Energy Matters, EcoFriend  
9 CSP India's solar mission is to generate 20GW of solar energy by 2020. How? Independent Minds    
8 Desertec The Sahara as a source of electricity? BBC Blogs    
8 CSP India shining Indian Express    
7 CSP Rate Crimes: Impeding the Solar Tipping Point The Oil Drum    
7 CSP Climate change presents opportunity to move into new growth areas – CSIR Engineering News    
6 CSP Solar Thermal Smackdown: How Flat Is Your Heliostat? Green Tech Media    
6 CSP Press Release: Sopogy CSP Today    
6 CSP Solar reflectors that will cut production costs Solar Feeds    
6 Desertec Tapping the sun’s rays Lloyds    
6 Desertec Africa needs to benefit from Desertec initiative, experts say Deutsche Welle    
6 CSP-PROJECT Producing clean energy Daily News    
5 CSP Q&A: IdeaLab's Bill Gross talks solar, opens new plant in California Daily Finance    
5 CSP-PROJECT Live: eSolar Flips the Switch on First Solar Power Tower in U.S. Earth2Tech EE Times, Venture Beat  
5 CSP Solar, efficiency projects hurry up and wait at U.S. military bases New York Times    
5 CSP DOE announces US $57M to fund smart grid development, releases smart grid report Renewable Energy World    
5 Desertec Concentrating solar power (PDF, 5.6 MB, World Cement, August 2009). This article by Gerry Wolff is an updated version of Gerry's article, “Bring me sunshine”, published in IET Power Engineer, April/May 2007. World Cement    
4 CSP 20,000MW solar mission gets nod Times of India    
4 CSP India sets out ambitious solar power plan to be paid for by rich nations Guardian    
4 CSP Renewable Ventures Secures $200M for Solar Green Tech Media    
3 Desertec Solar Power from the Sahara Between the Poles    
3 Desertec Harnessing North Africa's solar power Public Radio International    
3 CSP Envisioning the US with 69% solar electricity Environmental Research Web    
2 Desertec Oil in a week - Europe harnesses the desert’s sun for electricity Al-Hayat    
1 CSP Concentrated solar uses molten salt to solve energy storage problem Solar Times    
1 Desertec The Sahara, gigantic solar farm: Utopia? Energy Outlook    
1 CSP-PROJECT Construction begins for the solar thermoelectric plant Astexol-2 developed by DIOXIPE SOLAR in Badajoz (Spain) CSP Today    



Area Title Source See also M
31 Desertec Europe may get electricity from African sun with solar thermal power plants New Jersey Newsroom    
30 CSP GERC proposes tarriff for solar thermal power CSP Today    
29 Desertec Germany: North Africa: African sun may light up European homes News from the Sun to the Earth    
28 CSP-PROJECT ACCIONA opens its first CSP plant in Spain, in Extremadura Your Renewable Energy News CSP Today  
28 CPV SolFocus expanding production, sees growth for CPV Renewable Energy World    
28 Desertec Desert Sun: Acciona wants in on Desertec solar project Wall Street Journal    
27 HVDC Smart grid: How big is big? Renewable Energy World    
26 Desertec Desert sun power pulls in the big guns Times    
25 Desertec Desertec more important than Nabucco Hurriyet    
24 HVDC India, Lanka to sign MoU on power transmission system Press Trust of India    
23 CSP-PROJECT REDCO signs PPA CSP Today    
23 CSP Sopogy solar air conditioning demonstration begins operations Renewable Energy World CSP Today  
22 Desertec The Sahara, gigantic solar farm: Utopia? Energy Outlook    
22 CSP The New Wave of Solar-Thermal Energy Miller Mccune    
22 CSP DOE Announces Up To $52.5 Million For Concentrating Solar Power Research And Development Electric Net    
22 Desertec Making Canada an energy power needs real action The Star Phoenix    
21 Desertec Desertec: Will Europe be able to cross the desert? EcoSeed    
21 Desertec Spanish solar company Abengoa to supply Desertec CleanTechnica    
21 CSP Solar energy in Spain Technology Review    
20 Desertec Mena 'can earn $90bn from green energy project' Trade Arabia Khaleej Times  
20 Desertec Politics abdicating responsibility to experts Irish Times    
20 Desertec Game changers spell end for old petroleum age The National    
20 Desertec $550 billion solar farm in the Sahara Daily Finances UPI  
19 Desertec Moby wil give a start of the European fight with climate change EU Inside    
19 CSP New SunCatcher solar dish spells relief for rust belt Clean Technica Scientific Blogging  
19 Desertec Desertec solar project shows that green investors can’t afford to be too green, if they want to make $$ Energy Tech Stocks    
17 Desertec Desertec: African solar power for Europe UPI    
17 Desertec Desertec Project - a sound alternative to Russian gas pipelines? Clean Techies    
17 CSP-PROJECT Solar thermal hybrids are hot Inspired Economist    
17 Desertec Desertec Industrial Initiative The Lazy Environmentalist   M
17 Desertec Turning solar fantasy into reality: Desertec Part Deux Earth2Tech    
17 Desertec ABB participates in Desertec Industrial Initiative Power Online    
16 CSP DOE announces $52M for CSP Sustainable Business Energy Current  
16 Desertec The 12 companies of the Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII) Renewable Energy Sources    
16 CSP Al Gore: Australia can be path-breaking 'early responder' to climate change ScienceAlert    
16 Desertec Vattenfall speaks out against Desertec BNET    
15 CSP IN-DEPTH: Siemens strengthens solar thermal capacity CSP Today    
15 Desertec Siemens supports the Desertec initiative with environmentally friendly technology Renewable Energy Sources    
14 Desertec Saharan solar project moves closer to reality Swiss Info    
14 Desertec New energy projects 'Not a Magic Bullet' Der Spiegel    
14 CSP Sunset or new dawn? PakMahfil    
14 Desertec Sahara to Europe solar power plan gets warm welcome Times of India    
14 CSP The Manchester Report: 20 ideas for solving the climate crisis WorldChanging    
14 Desertec One small step for green energy, one giant leap…. Reuters    
13 Desertec Desertec - a nanotechnology-enabled bold vision for an energy revolution Nanowerk    
13 CSP-PROJECT Tessera Solar receives go-ahead for 500MW in CA Sustainable Business CSP Today  
13 Desertec European power from the desert is a Fata Morgana Hermann Scheer    
Saudi Arabia and Egypt hand out HVDC contract
Construction Week Online    
13 CPV SolFocus trains sights on concentrated solar vision Business Green    
13 Desertec Sky no longer the limit for German solar (text and mp3) American Public Media    
13 Desertec Abengoa Solar becomes founding partner of the Desertec industrial initiative project Solar Energy News    
13 Desertec Desertec initiative agreed Renewable Energy World Earth2Tech, Business Insider, Christian Science Monitor, Energy Current, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Spiegel Online, The Herald, World Business Council for Sustainable Dev Welt Online, Economist, Renewable Energy Magazine, ReCharge, FT, Robert Duncan Smith, CSP Today, New Energy News, Daily Commercial News, Yahweh's Garden, Euro Dialogue, Cop15, Triple Pundit, SwissInfo  
13 Desertec ABB participates in Desertec industrial initiative Automation    
13 Desertec African solar power for Europe could promote security, experts say Deutsche Welle    
12 Desertec

€400bn energy plan to harness African sun

10 CSP-PROJECT Tessera Solar plans 500MW solar thermal power in Riverside County Green Tech Solar    
10 CSP-PROJECT Andasol 3 solar thermal project attracts utility investors Penn Energy CSP Today  
10 CSP Saint-Gobain launched today The largest factory in the world of production of solar mirrors CSP Today    
10 Desertec Germany sees political gain from Sahara Solar plan Reuters    
9 CSP-PROJECT New plant makes progress in Whyalla CSP Today    
9 Desertec Genius and hard work for the planet goes unrewarded in the world of crony capitalism and crony governance The Teacher    
6 CSP Showing off with a solar thermal salute NY Times    
6 CPV Solar companies merge technologies in bid for utility-scale production New York Times    
6 CSP Gulf region will export solar energy: IRENA The Hindu Gulf News  
5 Desertec Groundbreaking green ideas unveiled Birmingham Post Guardian  
4 Desertec Mirrors and wildebeest could save the planet Telegraph    
3 CSP Mirror mirror on the ground, who's the cheapest watts around? Energy and Capital    
3 CSP-PROJECT Amargosa in forefront for solar energy studies Pahrump Valley Times    
2 CSP Water, cultural issues dominate solar plant talk Kingman Daily Miner    
2 Desertec German study sees job boom from Sahara solar project Reuters    



Area Title Source See also M
30 CSP Masdar’s message to the world: there is life after oil The National    
30 CSP Secretary Salazar, Senator Reid announce 'fast-track' initiatives for solar energy development on western lands Trading Markets    
30 Desertec 400 billion Euros for the Mediterranean energy network Green Chip Stocks    
30 Desertec World’s most daring solar energy project coming to fruition Renewable Energy Jobs    
30 Desertec The raping of Africa continues Prison Planet    
29 CSP An unexpected player in the solar market Motley Fool    
29 CSP-PROJECT Aora launches hybrid solar thermal station Renewable Energy World Fat Knowledge  
29 Desertec Sun power, the new oil The Hindu Business Line    
26 CSP-PROJECT SkyFuel to install SkyTrough collectors at Cogentrix facility Renewable Energy World    
26 CSP PG&E, NRG & eSolar developing 92-MW of solar thermal Renewable Energy World    
25 CSP New solar power plants may threaten scarce desert water resources AlterNet    
25 HVDC Baltic interconnection plan for renewables Renewable Energy World    
23 CSP It’s all about energy Cop 15    
22 CSP-PROJECT Big, Big Solar Coming to West Texas Wall Street Journal    
22 Desertec Half a Trillion Dollars to Build Huge Desertec Plan? CleanTechnica    
22 HVDC Siemens expects green order flood EE Times    
22 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa inaugurates high temperature solar power tower Renewable Energy World Greenbang, EP Online  
19 CSP SA must aspire to a C-lean, job-rich economy Engineering World    
19 HVDC International supergrid could supply UK with 100% renewable power Utility Week    
17 CSP-PROJECT Torresol Energy constructing CSP stations Renewable Energy World    
16 CSP-PROJECT $50M solar plant comes online to power Masdar City construction CleanTech    


Desertec and Marhaba , Africa! Gaia    
16 Desertec

German blue chip firms throw weight behind north African solar project

The Guardian

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15 Desertec Accordo Enea-Egitto per il progetto Desertec Casa Clima    
14 CSP Renewable Supergrid by 2030 David Strahan    
14 CSP Clean Energy will be possible for more than 25% Greenhouse Gas    
13 CSP Planning Australia's clean and renewable energy future The Age    
12 Desertec ???????2015??????? Ifeng    
12 HVDC European electricity grid needs overhaul Energy Efficiency News Europa  
12 CSP-PROJECT eSolar to develop CSP plant in New Mexico Renewable Energy World    
12 CSP-PROJECT The Clinton Foundation plans a CSP project in Gujarat CSP Today    
12 CSP IN-DEPTH: Testing times for thermal storage bring promise of progress CSP Today    
10 CSP Google continues to be bullish on CSP CSP Today    
9 CSP Masdar will continue investing in Europe Khaleej Times    
8 CSP-PROJECT Arizona solar power plant will deliver power day and night! EcoGeek    
7 CSP Is solar power dead in the water? Washington Post    
7 Desertec Could the Sahara’s sun save us? Times    
7 HVDC Coastal grid ‘needs cash injection’ Times    
5 CSP Solar Millennium sells Andasol 3 to Solanda Renewable Energy World CSP Today  
5 CSP-PROJECT Two more 50 MW concentrating solar power plants in Spain: 100,000 homes to be supplied Treehugger    
4 CSP The other kind of solar power Economist Technology Review    
4 CSP SCE emerges as “most solar integrated utility” in US CSP Today    
4 CSP REDCO chooses IAUS to supply technology for solar thermal projects Renewable Energy World    
4 CPV Concentrix reveals CPV plant efficiency figures Renewable Energy World    
4 CSP Desert solar power Renewable Energy World    
3 CSP Guardian showcased new solar glass products at Solar Technology Summit in Abu Dhabi Glass on Web    
2 CSP UW-Madison researchers study salt's potential to store energy University of Wisconsin-Madison    
2 CSP The Dow Chemical Company brings concentrated solar power expertise to Abu Dhabi Zawwya    
1 CSP Solar trackers: Facing the sun Renewable Energy World    
1 CSP Tides of commerce Maui News    



Area Title Source See also M
29 HVDC Building a continental renewable super grid Environmental Expert    
29 CSP Report on utilities and solar Solar Feeds    
29 CSP Schott's New Mexico plant commissioned Renewable Energy World    
29 CSP-PROJECT A solar plant that's worth its salt LA Times    
29 CSP Solar plan could revolutionize India's energy sector WorldWatch WorldChanging  
28 CSP-PROJECT Concentrated solar power goes mainstream: Lockheed-Martin to build large CSP plant with thermal storage in Arizona Climate Progress WorldChanging, The Times  
28 CSP-PROJECT Duke Energy may consider solar thermal power this year CSP Today    
28 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa ready for new CSP plant in Spain CSP Today    
28 CSP Obama announces US $467M in stimulus funding for geothermal and solar energy projects Renewable Energy World Environment News Service  
27 CSP-PROJECT APS signs PPA for Starwood Solar I CSP Today    
27 CSP-PROJECT BADR and MDC plan new CSP project CSP Today    
27 CSP IN DEPTH: Australia ups the solar ante CSP Today    
27 CSP-PROJECT Consortium to raise Us$425 million to construct solar power plant in Jordan Zawya CSP Today  
27 CSP Report: CSP could meet 25% of power needs Solar Industry Ecogeek, CleanTechnica  
27 CSP Solar power should replace wind energy, says Jack Steinberger Times    
26 CSP IN-DEPTH: Understanding the Rankine heat cycle, no sweat CSP Today    
26 CSP IN-DEPTH: MENA eyes alternative energy hub CSP Today    
25 CSP-PROJECT Second giant solar plant planned for Arizona electricity users Environment News Service Renewable Energy World, Gizmag, Solar Daily, Green Energy News  
25 CSP Beam me up Sunny! Greenpeace    
25 CSP-PROJECT Consortium to raise US$425 million for solar power plant Energy Current    
25 CSP Solar power could surge by 2050 in deserts: study Reuters    
25 HVDC Whitelee's wind of change merely heralds stormy debate Times    
24 CSP-PROJECT New vital project for sustainable energy in Ma'an Development Area AME Info    
22 CSP-PROJECT KSP to use PowerVerde’s power generation engine system CSP Today    
22 CSP-PROJECT APS to build 290 MW concentrating solar plant Penn Energy    
21 CSP Nuclear energy can't supply all electricity needs East Valley Tribune    
21 CSP NQ economic groups push for solar plant Magnetic Times    
20 CSP Australian Prime Minister Tours Ausra Powered Solar Energy Facility As Part Of New $1.36 Billion Grid Scale Solar Program Announcement EMediaWire    
20 CSP Desperately seeking solar iafrica    
20 CSP ‘Solar’ cyclists set off on 12,000-mile journey GreenBang    
19 CSP Nuclear or Solar Energy? Dissident Voice    
18 CSP Molecular Technology Co. Zettacore secures $21 Million in funding CleanTech Brief    
18 CSP Australia finally powers up investment for large solar plants Solve Climate The Australian  
15 CSP MIT students win grant to deliver off-grid solar power Eco-Localizer    
15 CSP Hi-tech device aids green cyclists Press Association    
14 CSP-PROJECT Review process starts for SES Solar One project CSP-Today    
14 HVDC Claverton Energy Group view on European Supergrid HVDC interconnector Claverton Energy Group    
14 CSP Solar city push for NT ABC News    
14 CSP BP on solar power: the industry hits back FT Energysource Blog    
14 CSP PG&E and BrightSource sign contracts for over 1,300 MW of solar thermal Renewable Energy World Cleanergy, Mercury News  
13 HVDC Scotland's energy-rich potential 'unrivalled' Scottish National Party    
13 CSP Oman reviews pilot projects for solar, wind energy Business Intelligence Middle East    
13 CSP-PROJECT ABB secures contract for first solar power project in U.S. Power Online Transmission and Distribution World  
13 CSP A potential breakthrough in harnessing the Sun’s energy Online Opinion    
13 CSP-PROJECT World's largest solar thermal plant planned for Arizona Reuters    
13 CSP Making the desert bloom with solar flower power Israel21c    
12 CSP-PROJECT Abengoa Solar to expand its CSP portfolio CSP Today    
11 CSP Oman reviews pilot projects for solar, wind CleanTech    
11 CSP Chinese solar giant Suntech seeks base for US production CleanTech    
11 CSP-PROJECT Spain, Number 1 in Europe in thermoelectric solar energy Renewable Energy Magazine    
11 Desertec Desertec, la sfida per produrre energia nel deserto One Green Tech    
11 CSP Schott Solar opens US manufacturing facility Renewable Energy World Reuters, Photonics, Sustainable Business, New Mexico Independent, Renewable Energy Focus  
11 HVDC ABB: Power guys Control Engineering    
10 CSP Ethiopia: Climate change: bring Africa in from the cold Ethiopian Review    
9 HVDC An EU supergrid Environmental Research Web    
8 CSP Energy projects must secure financing to receive stimulus Phoenix Business Journal    
8 CSP-PROJECT José María Barreda and Ignacio Galán open Iberdrola Renovables’ first solar thermal power plant Environmental Expert    
8 Desertec Prinz Hassan von Jordanien, ehem. Präsident des Club of Rome, bei EMPA-Treffen in Wien APA    
7 CSP-PROJECT Solutia to supply Therminol VP-1 in Spain CSP Today    
7 CSP Helping the little guy produce big energy results NRDC    
7 CSP-PROJECT Abu Dhabi's Masdar to save $105 mln on solar plant Reuters    
7 CSP Report: concentrated solar set to shine BusinessGreen    
7 HVDC EU needs a green energy super grid Bournemouth Liberal Democrats    
7 Desertec US, Australia and China should work together to secure future Science Alert    
6 CSP CSP modules integrated into the sides of building and roofs Renewble Energy World    
6 CSP Global concentrated solar power industry to reach 25 GW by 2020 Renewable Energy World    
5 HVDC Weekly Report/ Energy: Japan's alternative energy plans ignore wind power Asahi Shimbun    
4 CPV Skyline shows off unique concentrating solar arrays VentureBeat    
4 CPV Cheaper solar concentrators Technology Review    
4 CSP World's largest solar power tower commissioned Renewable Energy World    
3 CSP-PROJECT Spain plugs in largest solar-tower power plant The One All    
3 CSP-PROJECT Solar: the cost of going green The National    
2 CSP Mulk to build $81.5m solar panel factory Solar Feeds    
1 CSP Solar One, a solar power plant located in the Nevada desert Daily Telegraph    
1 Desertec Desertec-Australia announces HVDC supergrid petition drive GENI    


Area Title Source See also M
30 CSP World’s largest solar energy plant in Spain Green Energy News    
30 HVDC Siemens to install high-voltage direct-current transmission system for private investor in India Siemens    
30 Desertec The Kantafi brings power from the desert (can be translated with Google Translate) Capital.gr    
30 Desertec Europe's green energy vision puts UK in dark Times Discussion / development page for Times article on Supergrid - Claverton Energy Research Group  
30 CSP A transformational North Africa/Middle East solar power program: Bright prospect for the Clean Technology Fund Centre for Global Development    
30 CSP The secret to low-water-use, high-efficiency concentrating solar power World Changing    
30 CSP A potential breakthrough in harnessing the sun's energy Guardian    
29 CSP Whyalla City plans a solar thermal energy storage plant CSP Today    
29 CSP-PROJECT World's largest CSP solar tower to power 10,000 homes GreenDiary EcoGeek  
28 CSP Abengoa starts operations at 20-MW solar power tower plant Renewable Energy World Aaron's EnvironMental  
28 CSP Beyond fossil fuels: David Mills on solar power Scientific American    
27 CSP CSTEP enters into MoU with Indian Institute of Science to test and develop innovative technologies CSTEP    
27 CSP A potential breakthrough in harnessing the Sun’s energy Environment 360    
27 CSP Power of two Sustainable Industries    
26 HVDC Europe - EU Economic Recovery Plan includes offshore wind Windfair    
26 CSP In pursuit of sustainable energy New Straits Times    
26 CSP FOX FYI: Solar power fight My Fox Phoenix    
25 Desertec Ministers outline vision for renewable energy UTV Green Party Ireland  
25 HVDC Electricity 'super grid' could supply 500 million people Belfast Telegraph    
25 CSP-PROJECT Hawaii solar farm is first of its kind in the world KHNL    
24 CSP-PROJECT World’s largest solar power plants with thermal storage to be built in Arizona World Changing    
24 CSP-PROJECT Gov’t promotes construction of 2 solar energy farms in Chile Your Renewable News    
23 CSP-PROJECT Hawaii solar farm is first of its kind in the world Darren T Kimura    
23 CSP Yet another Spanish firm to harvest solar in Southwestern U.S Solve Climate    
23 Desertec Australian government backs geothermal energy projects Low Carbon Economy    
23 CSP Park Service warns of solar projects' impacts to Mojave Desert New York Times    
23 CSP World’s largest solar power plants with thermal storage to be built in Arizona Climate Progress    
22 CSP Centre for solar thermal technologies opens in Australia CSP Today    
22 CSP Entire state of Texas could be powered by solar Clean Technica    
22 CPV Opel & Betasol secure loan for CPV project Renewable Energy World    
22 CSP Ausra receives US $25.5M in equity funding Renewable Energy World    
22 Desertec Solar and geothermal cheaper than coal and nuclear Science Alert    
21 Desertec Solar power from Africa: The best investment the EU can make Solve Climate    
21 CSP-PROJECT Spanish solar firm to build concentrating solar in Arizona Sustainable Business CleanTech, Solve Climate, CSP Today  
20 CSP IN DEPTH: Hot debate over thermal storage CSP Today    
18 CSP How to use solar energy at night Scientific American    
16 CSP-PROJECT Jordan continues to evaluate the potential of CSP CSP Today    
15 CSP Rioglass Solar to start a new factory in Spain in May CSP Today    
10 CSP Sonne lockt Stromriesen (can be translated with Google Translate) World of Renewables    
8 CSP 1,000 Acres of giant solar mirrors to rise in Israel's desert, finally Solve Climate    
8 CSP Why CSP should not try to be coal Alt Energy Stocks    
7 Desertec Solar power is here and there. But can it be everywhere? Western Sahara News    
5 CSP A Renewable Energy Plan for Asia GENI    
3 CSP Machine-Vision: Solar power plant uses Prosilica GigE Camera for mirror alignment Pressemitteilungen    
2 HVDC Green superhighway: Overhauling the grid to accommodate renewables Renewable Energy World    
1 CSP Can concentrating solar power outshine fossil fuels? Clean Technica    
1 Desertec Desert power: A solar renaissance GeoTimes    


Area Title Source See also M
31 Desertec Saving energy: The super-smart grid Allianz    
31 CSP A new revolutionary mirror for Concentrated Solar Power market CSP Today    
31 CSP China experiments with solar-thermal power World of Renewables    
30 CSP-PROJECT World’s second* largest solar plant to be built in Florida World-Changing GreenLaunches  
30 CSP Siemens puts its money behind solar Control Engineering Europe    
28 CSP-PROJECT Eco Tech: World’s second largest solar power plant to be built in Florida Eco-Friend    
27 CSP 75-MW CSP plant to be built in Florida Renewable Energy World    
27 Desertec Desertec-Australia advocates developing large-scale solar, geothermal, wind and wave energy projects in interior Australia Asian Energy    
27 Desertec Using solar power to change the world Vada Energy Blog    
26 CSP China experiments with solar-thermal power Physics World    
25 Desertec Global economic engine depends on energy security Silver Scorpio    
24 CSP Solar Power: Eco-friendly or environmental blight? Time    
24 CSP Siemens targets dominant position in solar thermal technology PV-Tech    
24 HVDC ABB technologies that changed the world Part one: HVDC ABB    
23 CSP Trouble in gaza dashes solar dreams MIT Technology Review    
23 Desertec Plan to turn Africa into the Saudi Arabia of solar gains traction Solve Climate    
21 CSP Feinstein seeks block solar power from desert land Newsweek Huffington Post  
21 HVDC Stepping up the voltage -(PDF, 2.9 MB, Energy Engineering, issue 21, March 2009, pp 54-56). Describes UHVDC transmission technologies. Energy Engineering    
20 CSP-PROJECT BrightSource to collaborate with Coyote Springs Land Company CSP Today    
20 Desertec Clean solar power is here and there. But can it be everywhere? Solar Nation    
19 CSP Solar Industry posts strong growth in 2008 New York Times Reuters  
19 CSP Micro CSP is stepping up (video) Renewable Energy World    
18 CSP-PROJECT BrightSource locks up Nevada land for solar thermal power GreenTechMedia Las Vegas Sun  
18 HVDC The Weekly Carboholic (An update on high voltage direct current transmission lines) Scholars and Rogues    
17 CSP-PROJECT Solar Millenium counts on the “positive mood” in the US CSP Today    
17 Desertec So why aren't we tapping into North Africa's vast solar power potential? TreeHugger    
17 CSP-PROJECT Future's so bright ... California High Speed Rail    
17 CSP-PROJECT Nevada developer Whittemore, solar-thermal firm reach agreement on power deal The Seattle Times    
16 CSP-PROJECT Grupo Ibereolica and Inveravante start construction on two 50-MW CSP plants Renewable Energy World    
16 Desertec 106 Members of British Parliment Sign Off on Solar Power and Supergrid News Blaze The Energy Crowd, Alt.Energy M
14 HVDC From AC to DC: going green with supergrids New Scientist (hosted on TREC) Climate Today M
13 Desertec Sahara solar panels can power the entire Europe Consumer Energy Report    
12 CPV Zenith Solar to open first solar energy solar farm in Israel Solar Feed    
12 CSP Salt-free solar: CSP tower using air Renewable Energy World    
12 Desertec Solar panels in the Sahara 'could power the whole of Europe' The Times    
11 Desertec From AC to DC: Going green with supergrids New Scientist    
11 CSP Concentrating solar powered desalination - a water solution? Science Alert Energy Matters  
11 CSP Atmospheric ‘Sunshade’ could reduce solar power generation Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA)    
11 Desertec Solar power from deserts - could it end fossil fuel dependency? City Online    
11 Desertec £50bn of European investment needed to kick-start Saharan solar plan Guardian    
10 CPV Amonix introduces CPV system Renewable Energy World    
10 CSP U.S. job growth, powered by the sun Google.org    
10 CSP-PROJECT Acciona starts construction of Majadas de Tiétar CSP plant Energy Current PV Tech, Press Release Point  
10 CSP-PROJECT Grupo Ibereolica, Inveravante To Begin Construction On Two 50 MW CSP Solar Plants Solar Industry    
10 CSP Israeli firm develops unique solar energy system Jerusalem Post    
10 HVDC Invisible, underground HVDC power costs no more than ugly towers Renewable Energy World    
9 CSP ACCIONA starts work on its third concentrating solar power plant in Spain, representing an investment of 237 million euros Renewable Energy Sources    
9 CPV SolFocus expands its concentrating PV deal in Greece to 10MW GreenTechMedia    
9 Desertec Why not an Asia-Pacific partnership based upon energy? Science Alert    
9 CSP-PROJECT Grupo Ibereolica, Inveravante plan solar thermal plants Energy Current    
6 CSP MIT Prof presents liquid Battery as solar storage solution EcoGeek    
6 CSP-PROJECT Backers believe sun is still shining on solar players Business Green    
6 CSP-PROJECT eSolar to build 1,000MW of solar power plants in India Energy Business Review Renewable Energy Focus  
6 Desertec A follow-up interview with Gerry Wolff, focussing mainly on the new Desertec Foundation, by Marc Strassman of the Etopia News Channel, 2009-03-06. Etopia   M
5 HVDC Investment of £4.7 billion urgently needed to upgrade UK grid Energy Efficiency News    
5 CSP-PROJECT Aora gets license for solar thermal plant Renewable Energy World Renewable Energy Focus  
5 HVDC Government backs blueprint to revamp electricity grid Financial Times    
4 CSP Acme invests $30 Mn in US-based solar power firm Reuters India Venture Beat  
4 CPV A concentrating solar breakthrough The Grist    
4 CSP South Africa says keen to go "green" on energy supply Reuters    
3 HVDC Could UHVDC be a “killer app” for solving climate change? Brave New Climate    
2 CPV MorganSolar has changed their design a bit Best Solar Alert    
2 HVDC Connecting global power sources could beat climate change Science Alert    
1 Desertec Europe looks south (PDF, 2 MB, Wind Directions, journal of the European Wind Energy Association, February/March 2009; a copy may also be downloaded from here) European Wind Energy Association    
1 CSP Solar power heats up energy possibilities CNN    


Area Title Source See also M
26 CSP Big Solar’s software solution Green Wombat    
24 CSP PG&E sets big solar program, will own generation Reuters BusinessGreen  
24 CSP-PROJECT Solar plant set to take heat The Engineer    
23 CSP-PROJECT eSolar, NRG Energy to build solar power plants CNet    
23 CSP-PROJECT NRG, eSolar agree to develop 500 MW solar power Reuters    
20 HVDC Federal Leadership Needed for Grid Development - White Paper (link to PDF report) Sustainable Business    
20 CSP Using black gold to build a greener future: A visit to the UAE Green Prophet    
20 CSP It’s time to save the economy — and the Earth Daily Commercial News    
19 CSP-PROJECT Beijing to get solar thermal power China Daily ShortNews  
18 CSP-PROJECT Solar Millennium to sell 50 megawatt development Reuters    
18 CSP How to use solar energy at night Scientific American    
11 CSP-PROJECT Southern California Edison & BrightSource ink gargantuan solar power deal Planet Better Place Renewable Energy World, Energy Current, Dot Earth NY Times, Wired Science, Mercury News, Earth2Tech, EcoEarth (audio)  
10 HVDC Pricey ’supergrid’ seen as key to offshore wind power in Europe Earth Portal    
10 CSP Cutting coal use with sunshine Technology Review    
9 HVDC ITC Holdings Corp. Unveils Green Power Express ITC    
8 CSP Nevada lagging in the race to a green future Las Vegas Sun    
6 CSP Environmental concerns roadblock to renewable energy Las Vegas Sun    
6 CPV Fraunhofer sets CPV efficiency record of 41.1% Renewable Energy World    
6 Desertec Europe looks to harness Saharan heat for solar energy WorldFocus    
5 CSP Ausra's utility-scale CSP plans change Renewable Energy World    
4 CSP APS proposes to exceed the current RES CSP Today    
4 CSP Time for reality check in solar thermal power? CSP Today    
4 CSP "Tariffs in Israel are not sufficient to make solar thermal plants economically viable" CSP Today    
3 CSP Inside Ausra's big change GreenTechMedia    
3 CSP Tri-State to host solar study at coal plant Power Engineering    
3 CSP Graphic series: Earthly ideas, concentrated solar power WorldChanging    
2 Desertec, CSP Solar power – Sustainable green energy to protect our economy and environment Safer Environment    
2 CSP Solar power's steep 'learning curve' Science Alert    
2 CSP 75 Countries launch clean energy agency Yahoo! News    
2 CSP, CPV Interview with Soledad Garrido, SENER’s Industrial Engineer CSP Today    
2 HVDC Imera announces EUR4.4 billion pan- European electricity grid project PR Newswire    
1 CSP 10 Next generation green technologies 1. Concentrated Solar Power Time    
1 CSP-PROJECT ABB taps the Sun's energy Instrumentation and Control    


Area Title Source See also M
31 CSP Sun and Sand Times of India A.R.K. Pillai  
30 CSP Nothing new under the sun: a nation falls behind Climate Emergency    
29 CSP Financing woes shrink Ausra's big solar plans C-net    
28 CSP-PROJECT AORA constructing hybrid solarized gas turbine power station Solar Industry Mag    
28 CSP Spain installed more than 3GW of solar in 2008 GreenTechMedia    
27 CSP Total CO2-equivalence of electricity sources - Renewables are best Weatherdem    
26 CSP

Energy: Concentrated solar power

Saket Vora    
26 CSP-PROJECT Solar Millennium buys stake in Ibersol Renewable Energy World    
26 CSP NREL and SkyFuel Collaborate on Concentrating Solar Technology Renewable Energy World    
26 Desertec Solar revolution draws royals to the barricades The National    
26 Desertec

Out of Africa: Saharan solar energy (Time magazine, 2009-01-26. See also the print version: page 42 (JPG, 1 MB), page 43 (JPG, 1.2 MB). To enlarge each page, click '+' in Firefox and similar controls in other browsers.)

25 Desertec Beginning to see the sun in North Africa and the Mideast New Energy News    
24 CSP The rush for gigawatts in the desert explodes GreenTechMedia    
23 Desertec L'Europe branchée sur l'énergie solaire du Sahara Le Parisien    
23 CSP Solar power a strong contender Science Alert    
23 HVDC “Real energy security” - Prof. David Elliott, Open University Claverton Energy Research Group    
21 HVDC France, Belgium push for 'Europe of electricity' EurActiv    
21 Desertec Bau von Solarkraftwerken in der Sahara als Energie-Alternative denkbar Deutscher Bundestag    
20 CSP Masdar Joins Hands with SENER to Set Up
€171 million Solar Power Plant
Khaleej Times GreenTechMedia  
20 HVDC HVDC cable sets standard for transmission projects Engineer Live    
20 CSP-PROJECT 17-MW Terresol solar thermal power tower gets private funding Renewable Energy World    
19 CSP Australian Solar Energy Institute launched Energy Matters    
19 CSP Intelligent actuation allows better system control at solar power plan Power Engineer Live    
19 Desertec Clean power from deserts World Changing    
17 Desertec MARHABA AFRICA! Energy for Europe (Video, Deutsche Welle TV, 2009-01-17) Deutsche Welle    
16 CSP Solar funds a ray of light for research Canberra Times The Age  
15 CSP Xcel seeks customer-paid program to test green technology Rocky Mountain News    
15 Desertec The MENA region tipped to follow the footsteps of Spain and the US CSP Today    
15 CSP-PROJECT Enel commences testing of solar thermal generation CSP Today    
15 CSP-PROJECT Israel gives licence for thermal solar-energy plant CSP Today    
15 CSP BLM witnesses a surge in project applications CSP Today Alt Dot Energy  
15 CSP Interview with SHEC Energy Corporation's President and CEO Tom Beck CSP Today    
13 CSP Solar firms are slashing jobs Earth2Tech    
13 HVDC A solar plan for Asia American Chronicle    
9 Desertec The globalisation of energy Green Energy Republic    
9 CSP SEPA study to improve acquisition of solar power by electric utilities Renewable Energy World    
9 CSP No downturn in the desert — more solar projects hope to hit the sand Venture Beat    
9 CSP New solar technology concentrates on cost, efficiency NREL    
9 Desertec The globalisation of energy Good Energy    
8 CSP Israel issues first solar licenses Jerusalem Post    
7 CSP Gujarat unveils solar policy Times of India Indian Express  
6 CSP-PROJECT Tehran looks to the skies for cheap power from the sun Scenta Eco-Worldly  
5 CSP Spain plant expands Sopogy’s global strategy Concentrating Solar Power - The Other Solar    
5 HVDC Saying adieu to the mighty UCTE IEEE Spectrum    
4 HVDC ABB wins $87M order in U.S. to expand capacity of power transmission system Electric Net    
2 CSP World’s biggest solar power tower to open in Spain Climate Progress    
1 CSP-PROJECT Agreement for solar powered desalination Cyprus Mail    


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